5 Feb 2019

Test Run - Scum and Villainy - Katya

Continuing with the test run of Scum and Villainy.  Last week, I recreated Tanya, the family assassin, with success.  Not many changes were needed, just adding on a few details.  This time out, I want to create a character who fits in with the included setting a little better.  To follow along, take a look at the playbooks available at Evil Hat's site.

Before getting into the trenches of character creation, I want to get an idea of who this person is.  The first idea I had was someone who is good with melee weapons, like a staff.  That concept is better suited for the Mystic, though, at least in the game.  Second approach, ex-military, a corporal who was dishonourably discharged.  If you have a problem, and if you can find her, no, wait, wrong setting.  Corporal Katya Orrin, though, feels that she was set up and that her discharge was uncalled for.  Slightly bitter, especially since the discharge cut her off from a number of legitimate career paths, she's now part of the crew of smugglers, the captain's stick when the carrot isn't enough.

On to character creation!

Step 0 - Choose a ship and crew
Katya will be part of the same crew that Tanya joins, so the smuggler ship it is.

Step 1 - Choose a playbook
I chose Muscle, in part because it's a role I don't take often, unless it's a niche that needs filling.  Katya easily fills that role.

Step 2 - Choose a starting ability
Like last time, the choice is take the one in the playbook or take one based on being a xeno.  Katya's human, so she gets the one for the role, Unstoppable.  She can push herself to go beyond her physical limits. like hold up a collapsing ceiling long enough for her comrades to get out.

Step 3 - Choose a special ability
None of the suggested ideas quite fit how I see Katya, but Flesh Wound still looks good for her.

Step 4 - Choose a heritage
Same choices as Tanya last week.  Katya seems more the Colonist type, enlisting to get off her homeworld to see more than just the back forty of the family farm.

Step 5 - Choose a background
Seeing as I decided she was ex-military, Military is the best background for her.

Step 6 - Assign action dots
She starts with Scrap 2, Command 1, and can spend four more dots.  Doctor 1 should let her perform first aid, Scramble 2 should cover basic training and more actual fighting in the field to duck under cover.  The last dot will got into Command, seeing she made corporal.

Step 7 - Choose one friend and one rival
I'll stick to the list in the playboot.  Her friend is Aya, an assassin and a former member of her unit who was also dishonourably discharged.  The rival is Yazu, a crooked cop and the reason why Katya and Aya were discharged the way they were.

Step 8 - Choose your vice
For Katya, both Stupor and Pleasure seem to fit.  I'll go with Pleasure; Katya goes out of her way to find something to fill what's missing in her, ideally something that makes her feel good.

Step 9 - Record name, alias, and looks
Katya Orrin, alias to be determined in play.  She prefers to dress in fatigues.

Like last time, this is just a makeshift character sheet.  The playbook is ideal as a character sheet, having been designed as such.
Name: Katya Orrin
Look: Fatigues
Heritage: Colonist
Background: Military
Vice: Pleasure
Friend: Aya, an assassin
Rival: Yazu, a crooked cop
  Doctor 1
  Scramble 2
  Scrap 2
  Command 2
As always, if you play her, please let me know how things go.

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