14 Feb 2019

The Elf's Prisoner - Commentary 16

Staying at the Crossroads Inn, in The Elf's Prisoner Chapter 16.

After a few days of turning her life upside down and now having a future, Jyslyn had a chance to just let herself relax a little.  She's alone, at least for now, so she can try to be comfortable.  All sorts of new sensations; turns out, Jyslyn is sensual.  She likes how things feel on her skin and enjoys new tastes.  Jyslyn is open to new experiences.

The cheering from the below is from the circle, first mentioned in Chapter 15.  Of course, Jyslyn isn't aware of it, having gone up to the room without spending much time in the taproom.  She can only draw on her experiences, which aren't always pleasant.  Look at her family in Chapter 14.

The noise from the taproom is keeping Jyslyn up.  She's had a long day, getting used to being on a horse, after a few life-changing days on the surface.  At some point, it will quiet down as people will want to sleep.  The rooms aren't the only place to stay - the taproom turns into a common room for guests who don't want or can't afford a private room.  There's also the stable, even cheaper than the common room.  It's a matter of comfort level.

Since Jyslyn can't really sleep yet, I could use the opportunity to show her having magical skills.  Minor magics for now; creating small lights and cleaning things, just to show that she can cast spells.  The main issue she has is that her major spells are the type to cause collateral damage.  Practising them would be, at the minimum, rude, and, worst case, destructive and a cause for a mob with torches.  At this point, I still hadn't worked out how wizards cast spells.  Minor spells, like the ones Jyslyn's practising, don't take much effort.  Once a wizard discovered Clean Clothes, it caught on and got refined.  Why spend time doing laundry when a spell takes care of it, leaving more time for arcane studies?

The chapter has some fan service, some worldbuilding, and some character development to it.  Some of it was because I wasn't sure where the story was going after the Crossroads Inn.  Again, I was pantsing the story.  Some of it, though, was to get into Jyslyn's head for a bit.  She's been key to many chapters, but none really from her point of view.  It was a change of pace and a chance for me to write a character solo, with no supporting cast around.

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