28 Feb 2019

The Elf's Prisoner - Commentary 18

A little light fanservice, in The Elf's Prisoner Chapter 18.

Chapter 16 was a bit on the fanservice side, though to show what Jyslyn is like when she isn't trying to maintain a front for others.  This chapter is a chance to show Kazi's reaction.  He noticed.  Leo didn't, mainly because everyone else got in between him and Jyslyn, on purpose or otherwise.  Wren is missing the subtleties, in part because of her age, in part because she's been sheltered since arriving in Wildwood.

The chapter also let me get everyone up to speed, with concerns out in the open.  One person hidden in a full cloak gets whispers started.  Two?  Whispers become open nervousness, even if one of the cloaked figures is on your team.  Something is afoot!  And this other figure is plot related.  Even with Nyssa's bribe to the innkeeper, rumour will spread and reach ears that it shouldn't.

Chapter 18 was a bit of a filler, not in that it added words for the sake of adding words, though I did write this during NaNo.  It was easier to show everyone discussing what happened instead of glossing over it, then wondering down the road what everyone knew.  Now, I know what the heroes know, and why.  For example, Jyslyn is still unaware of her mother's untimely passing.

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