24 Jun 2021

Test Run - A Time of War

Over the past month, I've dipped into Catalist Game Labs' MechWarrior Destiny RPG.  A few times, I mentioned that it was more streamlined than A Time of War, the previous incarnation of the BattleTech RPG.  Today, I demonstrate the difference by creating a PC with ATOW.

17 Jun 2021

Test Run - MechWarrior Destiny III - Converting a BattleMech

 Back to Catalist Game Labs' MechWarrior Destiny to try out one more subsystem, BattleMech conversion.  For this, I'll need a BattleMech,  Instead of one of the published 'Mechs, I'll use one of my own design, the PLNK-5R, or Plinker.  All the goodies after the break.

10 Jun 2021

Test Run - Sentinel Comics the Roleplaying Game - The Random Method

Time to go back to Greater Than Games' Sentinel Comics the Roleplaying Game.  A few weeks ago, I modelled Ringette using the game.  This time around, I want to try the random character creation method.  I finally figured out what they game meant by rolling dice now that I wasn't focused on modelling a specific character.  Both methods are viable in the game, which is a strength.  Since this will get long, everything starts after the break.

3 Jun 2021

Test Run - MechWarrior Destiny - The Clans

Last outing with Catalist Game Labs' MechWarrior Destiny went well.  This time around, I want to try out the character creation system for a Clanner PC.  As usual, everything will be after the break.