31 Dec 2016

Goodbye 2016...

... and good riddance.

This past year has been one of the worst.  The promise at the beginning of 2016 led to miseries, including the loss of a long time companion, Tuxedo Neko.  The end of 2016 cannot come soon enough, even with the Leap Second being added.

Goodbye 2016, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

30 Dec 2016

The Soul Blade - Chapter 14

"What do I have to be afraid of?"
"I know what I want and will do anything to go after it."
"Oh, Tiger, that's too long to wait."
"It's going to be a surprise."
Matt let his car coast to a stop in front of Brenna's home.  Brenna unbuckled her seat belt and turned to face him.  "Thanks for dinner again, Matt.  It was nice spending time with you."

"It's great seeing you again, Bren.  We need to do this again.  Maybe next time you can show me the dress you bought."

"I'd like that."  Brenna smiled at the thought.

Matt leaned over and kissed Brenna on the cheek.  Seeing her shocked look, he said, "Not what you were expecting."

29 Dec 2016

The Soul Blade Chapter 13 - Commentary

Tricia isn't sitting on her laurels even with the Bladekeeper in town.  Welcome to the commentary for The Soul Blade Chapter 13.

With Grace effectively shutting down the investigation in Chapter 9, I needed to kick start the plot somehow.  The method chosen?  Have Tricia kill someone else, of course.  And not just off-screen, either.  This time around, Tricia shows how it's done, from finding her victim to the bonus ritual afterwards.

Tricia is a little rushed with this murder.  No painstaking planning.  No research, though her research on her last potential victim didn't turn up the type of car she drove.  Just a search through crowds to find a target with potential.  She's been busy but she's been clever enough to avoid a pattern, unlike a serial killer.  Tricia doesn't have a particular choice in victim, making it harder to figure out where and when she will strike.  Obviously, McCoy and Kirk know there's a murderer on the loose, but they can't find a common link, thanks to Tricia's planning.

Peter's role was to be the murder victim.  There's just enough about him - he's young and having a drunken crawl with friends to celebrate the end of school - to make him a person and not a complete cardboard character, but he won't see the end of the chapter alive.  Tricia is not above using any manner to cull him away from his crowd.  Like wolves hunting elk or lions hunting gazelles, Tricia finds a way to get the weakest member of the herd away from the rest.

The ritual was the first time I realized what Tricia was doing with her victims.  I wound up having to re-write parts of Chapter 4 to reflect what Tricia's ritual does.  Originally, the body was tossed aside, but if there's no skeleton, the remains had no way to support themselves.  Brenna, who never got that close to the body, couldn't tell that the body had been filleted.  The police forensics team, though, could, but that's a detail that McCoy didn't want leaked to the press.

Tricia's ritual isn't clean.  When the insides of a person wind up outside, it's messy.  I didn't get into details; that wasn't the point of the chapter.  Tricia is used to the mess by now, so she ignores it beyond having to clean herself up.  The problem she has now is that Peter's friends will remember her.  There are ways to get around being identified, though.  First, they're drunk.  They'll remember a hot woman in a red bikini, which doesn't narrow the suspects that much on a beach.  Tricia can change her hairstyle, clothes, shoes, and makeup to get a quick disguise without looking like she is in a disguise.  The skeleton, though, does look like it's in a disguise.  If people get a good look at it, the game's over for Tricia.  Mind, that's part of the thrill for her at this point.

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23 Dec 2016

The Soul Blade - Chapter 13

"You probably want to send me to a psychiatrist right now."
"You're looking for a serial killer."
"I'm having dinner with a very attractive woman."
"So, now, I'm single, but if I get involved with someone, seriously involved, then whoever the next woman is, she had to be comfortable with the idea that I work crazy hours."
Tricia fumed as she drove around downtown San Diego.  The bitch resisting her threw her plans off.  Each of her victims were carefully chosen, painstakingly selected.  Then that mere slip of a girl showed up.  What did the ash-skinned man call her again?  "The Bladekeeper."  Whatever that was.  Tricia was too far along to let some wanna-be Scooby-Doo character interfere.  No time to worry.  She wasn't far off her own schedule.  The loss of her preferred target was annoying; going after the receptionist was now out of the question.  The police might realize she was the original target.  Same with going after the so-called Bladekeeper.  She fought back, but couldn't know about Tricia's plans.  Even without taking the ashen man's warning into account, going after the Bladekeeper was a non-starter.

22 Dec 2016

The Soul Blade Chapter 12 - Commentary

Brenna tells the police how she knew about the body, in The Soul Blade Chapter 12.  The commentary continues after the break; it's longer than normal today.

16 Dec 2016

The Soul Blade - Chapter 12

"This is the second time I've met you because of one of your hunches."
"The deal cannot be broken, my dear."
"Well, isn't that just ducky."
"And now I know there's a sheep dog among the sheep."
Brenna squirmed on the hard chair in Detective McCoy's office.  The questions she answered weren't making the homicide detective any less intense.  In fact, with each answer, McCoy picked a detail out and asked a new question based on it.  It was all Brenna could do to keep the Soul Blade out of the interrogation, and she reasoned that McCoy knew she was hiding something.  "Look, Detective, I don't know any of those other people.  I don't know where you found them.  I don't know how they died."

"Then how did you know about Jenna Wilcox?  You said you never met her before."

"I didn't.  I still don't know who she is."

"Then how did you know where to find her."

15 Dec 2016

The Soul Blade Chapter 11 - The Commentary

Brenna gets interviewed by the police again, in The Soul Blade Chapter 11.  The commentary catch up is complete!

Brenna is having the worst day of her life.  Her emotions are changing every minute.  Her crush has arrived in his wonderful uniform asking her about her attacker, and Brenna is trying to remain focused.  On top of that, Matt's giving her a very mild scolding about calling him instead of 911.  Dr. Womack may have a point.

Brenna's thinking comes out here.  Her reasoning is essentially mine as  I try to figure out why she knows that Tricia attacked her in relation to the dead body she found back in Chapter 3.  I hope the reasoning is sound.  Brenna pales next to her sister, but Grace never had to deal with a constant distraction because of hot classmates.  Brenna is as smart, The reasoning is sound based on what Brenna knows.  That is a key issue to remember when writing - the main character does not have the information that the author does.  Her knowledge does have Detective McCoy wondering how she knows what's happening.  Brenna Halliday, prime suspect.

The bit with Kirk was a background gag.  Since I "borrowed" the name, why not "borrow" some character bits?  McCoy turned out to be the lead detective on the case.  Kirk does get a few lines, but his role is more or less to do interesting things in the background.  McCoy does want to discover how Brenna knows what's going on and how she knew where to find the body.

Tricia gets a scene that I later regretted adding.  When there's a villain who is genre savvy, it makes setting up clues far more difficult.  Tricia knows what she's doing.  Being genre savvy, Tricia also knows when it's time to pack up and leave.  The ashen man, who now has a tag to refer him by, can at least let Tricia know who she's up against.  He knows the one weakness; once you know who the Bladekeeper is, it's easy to avoid her.  After all, Bladekeepers deal with ghosts, not murderous mages making deals with devils.  Kill the Bladekeeper and another steps into her legacy, and now there's no easy way to find her.  Keep her alive and avoid her, she's not really a problem, being just one woman.

Of course, the above means that the Bladekeeper would be very busy.  One Chosen One against a near-infinite number of restless ghosts doesn't sound very balanced, even given Brenna's approach to dealing with them.  A sequel idea I had for Brenna's story would have her get invited to a site in Europe along with a number of other women with mystical abilities.  While the Soul Blade runs in Brenna's family, but the other women also have their own legacies.  A gathering of Chosen Ones.  There will be an ulterior motive to the gathering, naturally.

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13 Dec 2016

The Soul Blade Chapter 10 - The Commentary

Brenna and Tricia finally meet, in The Soul Blade Chapter 10.

As mentioned before. Brenna can't do that much until Tricia acts.  Why not let Tricia act?  The problem here is that Tricia isn't using mystical means when she first attacks her victims.  As far as Brenna knows, this is just a random attack.  For Tricia, she's attacking a victim of opportunity.  Her first target has a car that just doesn't work for sneaking up in the back seat.  The SMART car] has very little room for a person behind the two seats.

Writing the attack from Tricia's point of view let me show what Brenna appears as when she's doing her job as Bladekeeper.  Brenna's getting help from her mother, except only Brenna can see her.  Tricia just sees a girl suddenly dodging when there was no way for her to know what was coming.  The fight turned out to be the wrong sort of one-sided for Tricia.  I wound up with unanswered questions, such as how did Brenna's van gain the ability to shock people.  I blame Joni for now.

The language is a little more course this time around.  Tricia can be explained; she's not a nice person and will drop the f-bomb when startled.  Brenna is at the edge of her limits; she's just been attacked and facing a sister who is determined to tease her.  Grace doesn't know what happened; Brenna needs to learn communication, but after she recovers from her breakdown.

To be fair, most Bladekeepers never have to deal with the human element being aggressive.  Ghosts are one thing; murderous women with knives are another.  Bladekeepers are usually trained from one generation to another.  Joni prepared Grace, though.  She trained Brenna posthumously.  Thanks to witch hunts, past Bladekeepers kept their abilities a secret except to people they could trust implicitly.  Ghosts know of them, as Bert has shown in the previous chapters.  Most humans are blissfully unaware of Bladekeepers, and those who are aware are either family and close friends, like Grace, Summer, and Missy, or nasty people trying to gain power, and Tricia doesn't count there.

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11 Dec 2016

The Soul Blade Chapter 9 - The Commentary

Brenna tries to have a normal life, despite her family, in The Soul Blade Chapter 9, as the commentary catch up continues.

Brenna's conversation with Grace serves more than just letting the reader know what's going on; it also let the writer figure out what's happening.  The problem I ran into is that Brenna can't do much until Tricia does something.  Brenna can investigate, but there's not much she can find.  Tricia wipes out all traces with each murder.  I should have thought that through, but when I did, I realized that Tricia and the being she's working for were a step ahead of Brenna already.  I made my villain too genre savvy.  Brenna and Grace have to work through what's happening by eliminating possibilities.  On the plus side, that means that they aren't suddenly realizing what's going on.  The thought processes are there, and Brenna isn't jumping to conclusions without reason.

The story's age is starting to show.  When originally conceived, Joni being sexually active in the 70s and 80s wasn't too much a stretch.  She would still be young enough to have received the Soul Blade at a young age, though older than when Brenna did, but still old enough to have been in college.  The 70s are now about forty years ago.  The story is getting dated, and hard coding dates like that means The Soul Blade starts becoming a period piece.

Dr. Womack provides a new insight on Brenna, one that the Bladekeeper isn't aware of.  Brenna's problem might not be the Blade itself.  She's a bit repressed, and has used the Blade as an excuse.  Of course, with only one Bladekeeper shown so far, it's hard to tell if Dr. Womack is correct.  Which means I will have to write another Tale of the Soul Blade featuring one of Brenna's ancestors.

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9 Dec 2016

Tales of the Soul Blade - Chapter 11

"I don't want to hurt you."
"Grace, it's an emergency or else I would come home."
"Matt, I kind of need to see you.  Right now."
"I am too old and too dead to be a mother to a woman going through her teenaged years ten years too late!"
"Now?"  Brenna adjusted her t-shirt and tossed a few strewn papers on to the passenger's seat.

Joni raised an eyebrow.  "You shirt is going to stretch out like that."


Matt stopped beside Brenna's door.  "And hello to you, too."

"Matt, sorry, hi."  Brenna felt her cheeks grow warm.

Matt smiled.  "You sounded scared when you called.  Officer Lopez said you said you were attacked."

8 Dec 2016

The Soul Blade Chapter 8 - Commentary

Brenna recovers from her night of ghost hunting, in Chapter 8, as the commentary catch up continues.

Gary isn't as calm as he appears.  He is well aware of the family heritage he married into, but Brenna going through a wall is still something he shouldn't just shrug.    However, Brenna is mobile, so the wall couldn't have been that bad.  I do hope that the interaction between father and daughter comes across as familiar and caring.  I'm not as touchy-feelie as either Gary or Brenna here, so I hope the scene has the right touch.

If it's not clear by now, Joni doesn't like Missy.  To Joni, Missy is this outsider who moved in and started showing Brenna the seamier side of life.  Tall, tan, blonde, outgoing, and there for Brenna to talk to; Joni's a tad jealous.  It doesn't help that Brenna learned how to sass-talk.  There is a rift between mother and daughter, one that Joni is trying to mend.  Brenna is very much a daddy's-girl, though.

Amazing how certain references seem to occur all at once.  A few weeks ago, I reviewed the 2016 Ghostbusters remake.  Shortly afterwards, I found a box set of The Real Ghostbusters, the animated adaptation.  A second season episode, "Collect Call of Cathulhu"(sic), featured, naturally enough, the Cthulhu Mythos as created by HP Lovecraft, to the point where viewers could track down the original stories and be prepared for what happens in them.  A week after that, I find The Nekonomicon, or The Book of Cats for the RPG, Call of Catthulhu*.  Now, a Ghostbusters reference, bringing the chain back full circle.

Brenna doesn't like having to wear her glasses, something which her entire family is well aware of.  Part of the scene was really to pad the word count, but it did show Brenna as not being perfect.  Grace gets a decent line, too.  The younger Halliday sister is well aware of the family legacy; she just likes pointing out how weird her sister is.  They behave as sisters, and no one knows how better to get under your skin than family.

The receptionist at the doctor's office is new, even though I should have mentioned that somewhere.  The regular receptionist would know of Brenna's visits, if not the details.  Brenna isn't just going to tell a random stranger that she needs extra-strength birth control pills.  Dr. Womack was also Joni's doctor, so there was someone that could goad Brenna into getting to the office.

The next few phone calls set up upcoming chapters, even at a point when I was still trying to figure out where I was going.  Brenna's cousins on her mother's side get introduced here, starting with Summer.  Brenna's aunt is a little more creative with her daughters' names than Joni was.  Rae is the youngest of the cousins, and does her own investigations at her home.  Joni's family expanded the ghost hunting from previous generations; they really don't have the fear of witch burning that past generations had.

There was some planning, once I got started.  I worked out future scenes so that I had a target to aim for.  The phone calls are part of the setup.  Hopefully, the payoffs work and aren't too telegraphed without also being so far out in left field.

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* Deliberately spelled as Catthulhu, as players play cats fighting off creatures man was not meant to know.

6 Dec 2016

The Soul Blade Chapter 7 - Commentary

Brenna received advice from Missy before hunting ghosts, in The Soul Blade Chapter 7.

The first half of the chapter sees Missy acting as a sounding board for Brenna, following the Bladekeeper's chaotic stream of thoughts about the situations she's in.  Part of the discussion was to let me work out what was going on and what Brenna knew, though I did know what Trish was doing at this point.  The other part was to cause more internal conflict with Brenna.  If only she'd just admit to herself that she wants Matt, she wouldn't have any more worries.  Missy does know Brenna well, and she looks out for her friend as much as she can.  There is a story in how they met in high school that might be told in one form or another some day.

The second half of the chapter was purely to have some action going after all of Brenna's personal problems.  The investigation of the haunted beach house let me show what Brenna can do when confronted by a hostile ghost.  Cardiff-By-the-Sea and the Cardiff State Beach are real places.  The beach house is fictional.  The weather beating is based on seeing similar buildings locally, with wood faded by the sun.

The ghost Brenna fights is driven by jealousy and desire so strong that it remained.  It sees Missy as the girl it loved when it was alive.  Anyone else it sees now is a competitor.  Nasty being, really.  Still, Brenna doesn't like her role.  She would much prefer to coax a ghost to move along than to fight it with the Blade.  Her mother and Bert are still around; both have a purpose to fulfill that isn't harmful.  This ghost is too far gone to be coaxed.

The fight let me show off the two different versions of Brenna's Soul Blade.  Brenna prefers the pure white version.  At heart, Brenna doesn't want to hurt anyone, not even the dead.  If pushed, she fights.  However, if she needs to be more forceful, she can be.  That's when the blood red version of the Blade appears.  That version can cut.  In comparison, Joni's Blade was silver, and didn't have the option to change to a lethal form.  In Champions terms, Brenna's Blade is a multipower with two slots, one a No Normal Defense blade that only does Stun damage, the other is a Hand-to-Hand Killing Attack.  Joni's is a simpler Energy Blast with No Range*, doing Normal** damage.  The different types of Blade will appear later.

Was the chapter plot relevant?  Sort of.  Brenna got to display what she could do, which will come up again.  Some themes got rehashed, and some plot threads got more tangled.  Which ones will be seen later.

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* Or maybe a Hand-to-Hand Attack with the special effect being the Soul Blade.  Champions is versatile like that.
** More details are in the core rules, but a Normal attack does its dice in Stun damage, with, on average, a point of Body (ie, lethal) damage per die rolled, with both resisted by regular defenses.  A Killing Attack requires resistant defenses, making Brenna's attack far more dangerous.

4 Dec 2016

The Soul Blade Chapter 5 - The Real Commentary

The commentary catch up commences!

Chapter 5 of The Soul Blade saw Trish make a mistake.  It wasn't one she could have foreseen, either.

Trish's part came out because there was no other way to show what was happening.  Brenna is in a position where she, for the most part, reacts to what's happening.  It's the nature of a mystery*; the investigators can't do anything until the villain starts his or her plot.  Murder mysteries* need a body before the detectives can even be called in.  Thus, Trish and her scenes.  Including Trish in the story let be flesh her out.  It's one thing to say that she's power hungry and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty; it's another to show how far she'll go in her search for power.

The entity Trish reports to is also after power.  Trish just happens to be the right fool for his own power games.  The entity has Patrick McNee's voice, specifically the one used in his role as the Cylon Imperious Leader.  The time limitation means that whatever plot he and Trish have can't wait.  There's a bit of urgency in what needs to be done.  Since Trish was the point-of-view character in the scene, there's no telling what the entity has in mind beyond what she believes.  Power and freedom are good starting points, though.

Brenna is a natural at learning languages.  Her late grandmother had all these interesting books, so Brenna started reading them, picking up languages here and there.  She also took several language courses to try to break through her shyness as a young teenager.  Brenna can at least read through the older books now, to research how to deal with the different entities.

Matt's return sets up a few details for later.  One is Brenna's internal conflict; will she act on her impulses or will she fight them down?  The return of Matt also ties off a plot thread left dangling from the beginning - the tail light on Brenna's van.  It's a chance for Matt and Brenna to get to know each other a little better before things get weird again.  Or before Brenna got weird again.

The age of the story is starting to show.  The van, a GMC Savana**, was meant to be an older model, but not that old.  With work, a van can be maintained, especially if it's not carrying heavy loads daily.  Brenna would need someone who can keep the van running, not being that mechanically inclined herself.  Communications is another aspect that starts to date the story.  In 2009, smartphones weren't unusual, but not ubiquitous like today.  That's the main reason for posting the story; it's not going to age well, especially with hard dates in it.

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* Cozy mysteries are an exception.  The longer a series goes, the more likely that the crime is included as a side plot as the familiar characters catch up on each other.
** Sic.  That is GMC's official spelling of the model.  Brenna had the van painted a custom colour.

2 Dec 2016

The Soul Blade - Chapter 10

"What are you going to do, call Matt and say, 'Hi, sexy, the person you're looking for casts magic that wipes out emotions and, hey, let's have sex?'"
"So, I'm an anomaly."
"I did find a way to curb your sex drive."
"Maybe it's not the Blade that wants him."

Tricia looked down at her new target's car.  A fucking Smart Car.  She would have to be a goddamned midget to fit into the back of it.  The dark-haired woman looked up at the van parked beside it.  It was the only thing working for her right now.  As long as the lavender vehicle remained until her target left work.  Tricia checked her watch.  Something was keeping her next victim late.  Hell, at this point, taking the van's owner would do.  Whoever it was already helped out, having curtains covering the windows.

As she touched the van's handle, Tricia felt an electrical shock coursed through her.  She bit off a string of obscenities as she jumped back.  Tricia shook out her hand.  The shock had to be a warning to her.  There's no way she could believe that someone who cutsied up a cargo van with light purple paint and matching curtains would have an alarm system that shocked would-be thieves.  Gingerly, Tricia touched the Smart Car.  No shock, just the residual tingles she got from the van.  "Well, shit," she muttered.

1 Dec 2016

NaNo 2016 - Weeks 3 and 4

NaNo 2016 - Weeks 3 and 4

And it's over!  NaNoWriMo has ended.  Congrats to everyone who made it to 50k words and good show on everyone who didn't but still wrote.

Total words written by the end of November 21: 44 812, or a little over 2100 words per day. 
Total words written by the end of November 28: 56 182, or a little over 2000 words per day. 
Total words written by end of November: 56 536, or just under 1900 order per day.

In the third week, other than a couple of off days, I managed to maintain a good pace.  The story flowed as I wrote.  In the fourth, my energy started to flag near the end of the week.  The last two days, I put in some work but didn't push, with the last day getting all of twenty words written.  Adding to the fun, at the 45 000 mark, the second arc started wrapping up at a point where it made sense.  There was no way I was going to be able to stretch the arc another two or three chapters, not when I was about to reveal who the monster really was.  On the plus side, since dba LTV Paranormalists was meant to be a serial, much like Unruly, starting a new arc wasn't a problem.

Or shouldn't have been a problem.  It took an evening to figure out what the core plot was for the second arc, so word by agonizing word, it formed.  I had to figure out how to frame the opening scenes, resulting in showing the problem instead of having the new client just say what happened.  No idea of how well it worked out.

The cast grew again.  Each of the leads' family got expanded upon.  Whether this will pay off is too soon to tell.  Again, no plan when I started the arc.  I think I know what I want to do with Kristi's sister, Fred*.  It's now a matter of bringing the different elements together.  Having Fred around does give me room to up the stakes and cause Kristi some conflict.

The future of dba LTV Paranormalists is now in the air.  I have time to figure out what is happening in the third arc.  I have time to edit the first arc into something coherent.  At the same time, I have other writing to catch up on, including the commentary for The Soul Blade and prep work for Lost in Translation.

What I did learn this time out is that I can maintain a good pace.  If I push too hard, as I did over one weekend, I will need a day at a reduced rate to recover.  This is a far cry from my first time out in 2006 where just making the minimum 1667 words was a stretch.  I can now accidentally write 1500 words without effort in the course of an evening.  Writing isn't a chore, though sometimes figuring out what to write still is.

Now, the planning for NaNo 2017 begins, though I may work on some ideas before, just to get them out.

* A shout out to The Arrogant Worms and their song, "Mounted Animal Nature Trail", especially the live versions.  Like Kristi, Fred is from Northern Ontario.

Soul Blade Commentary Catch Up

With NaNoWriMo over, I can now catch up on the missing commentary for The Soul Blade.  The commentary for Chapter 5 should be up this coming Monday, with the rest to follow.

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