6 Aug 2015

Unruly - Basketball Night in Canada Chapter 12 - Commentary

Caitlin and Verity agree on a common enemy and the world fails to implode.  Welcome to the commentary for "Scorpions".  Please read the chapter first before continuing.

The scorpion theme became a central idea once it appeared in Chapter 10.  However, instead of Carly, it became Caitlin and Verity sizing each other up.  After twenty-five chapters over three arcs, the two girls meet face to face.  I got to show their rivalry instead of just hint at it.  Both Caitlin and Verity love to talk at the other.  Their dialogue alone propelled me well past my goal for Camp NaNo.  They know each other well enough to tempt the other.  Caitlin's counting on Verity's need to be the one to defeat her Unruly counterpart.  Carly may be in trouble.  If she was counting on the rivalry between Caitlin and Verity preventing them from making a move on her, the idea has backfired.  Of course, Carly may have help who can plan for an unlikely alliance.

The reference to Laura and her lack of uniform goes back to The New Girl Chapter 2, when Caitlin used her to spy on Verity.  Caitlin knows how to game the rules, interpreting them in a way that works to her benefit.  While Laura might have issue being nude, other girls wouldn't see her nakedness as a problem.  Mackenzie will need a cold shower.

Laura's idea of a museum uses the idea that museums aren't as heavily trafficked as a coffee shop, mall, or park.  A school girl in a museum is there for research, and museums are quiet with enough corners for a quick conversation.  If she gets to meet with Mackenzie, there might be more than talking involved.  Laura is starting to get the game Caitlin plays and use it for her own benefit.

Verity's last line is an oblique reference to the hostilities between Autumn and Caroline.  Nothing has been shown, mainly because Caitlin and Verity know better than to have those two in the same room at the same time.  Hints have been dropped, though.  Poor Jay.  He must be feeling like Archie, except Betty and Veronica are reaching Spy vs Spy levels of rivalry for his affection.

Speaking of Autumn, she's off on her own investigation with Skye along in case something goes wrong.  I still had a loose end flitting about, thinking that she was getting one over Caitlin; she needed to be reminded of her place in the narrative.  Autumn was hoping to find the mastermind.  Instead, she saw the mystery girl, whose name still hasn't been properly revealed.  However, Skye did provide one key clue.

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