14 Aug 2015

Crossover - Preview and Backgrounder

Next week, a new serial starts.  Crossover is set in the Subject 13-verse.  However, it takes place long after the last issue I posted.  To prevent some confusion, I present below a brief history of what happens to Nasty between the end of Issue 30 and the start of Crossover.

The Four Horsemen are dealt with.  The idea with them was to be a common threat over several titles, with Subject 13 dealing with Famine.  American Eagle and El Diablo Verde do most of the heavy lifting, but the Conglomerate agents put in for an assist.  Nasty, as Peregrine, handles Famine's cheerleaders and would-be minions on the shores of Lake Ontario.

After dealing with Subject 4 and the result of his weaponized telepathy, Nasty realizes that she needs to go home and that the only way to keep the Conglomerate off her back is to go public.  Maria finds out about her daughter's real fate just before Nasty shows up at her doorstep.  This brings a new problem for Maria.  Back in Issue 13, Maria said she had a younger sister, not a daughter.  What was supposed to be a little white lie to conceal her age to have a one night stand becomes awkward, to say the least.

Nasty becomes a minor celebrity as a result of her unmasking.  While her classmates at Seward aren't as starstruck, other people are.  Nasty takes the attention as well as always, which is to say, not well at all.  There's even an offer to join a hero team, which Nasty declines for personal reasons.  The media find someone else who is more willing to pander to them after a couple of months, but being a former Peregrine is still something Nasty needs to deal with.

Nasty and Erik grow closer, picking up from where they left off.  It's young love, all awkward and gangly and everyone else realizes what's going on except them.  They consider each other good friends and help each other out.  Nasty gets a lot of tutoring from Erik to help her keep up with her studies.

Crossover was conceived as being a crossover, with two other titles, Prototype Alpha and Youth Brigade.  Those titles never came into being, though there was some work done with Alpha.  As elements from those titles appear, and if something I missed with Subject 13 shows up, I'll bring it up in the commentary.

Next week, Crossover begins!

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