13 Aug 2015

Unruly - Basketball Night in Canada Chapter 13 - Commentary

Autumn feels Caitlin's wrath and the mystery comes to a temporary close.  Welcome to the commentary for "Home Opener".  Please read the chapter first before continuing.

Caitlin doesn't like it when her troops ignore her orders.  Autumn doesn't care if Caitlin doesn't like what she did.  Character friction leads to conflict!  Skye gets to be the mediator, which is something she's done before with Caitlin and Autumn.  Laura gets to be the one making comments from the side.

The search for Alexandra Fichetti's identity wasn't important or exciting enough to show.  Autumn had a picture of her and did an image search, leading to the information she reveals.  Moving during a school year is a pain.  Having done it myself, there are ways to avoid the paperwork and headache of a mid-semester move.  One is to just not mention the move at all, which isn't ideal.  The other is to delay moving until after the school year, allowing for a proper transfer to happen.  Alexandra used the latter method.

Laura's seedy background returns.  The name-dropping is more to set up a few details for later, but does go to show where Laura comes from.  This cred let me set up Laura's next few lines about where Alexandra got the St. Dymphna uniform.  There is a demand for used uniforms, mostly from families with younger students at the same school.  There is also a non-academic demand for uniforms, one that Laura is more aware of than Caitlin and Skye.  Autumn just needed the reminder.

The mystery of who fixed the basketball game evolved into something bigger than I expected.  Caitlin discovered the intermediary, but not the puppet master.  At this point, there's not much for the Unrulies to work with.  However, they did make sure that the next game would be clean.  That just left wrapping up a few loose ends that appeared.  Laura's envelope from Mr. Baker, the result of the Friday basketball game, and Laura learning how to poem.  The big mystery will have to wait for a later episode, but I do know who is responsible here.

Once again, I had to figure out both a school name and a team name.  Well, two school names, one in Whitby.  Alexandra's old school came from a nearby town, Port Perry.  Oshawa Western Collegiate was based on the naming convention for other schools in Oshawa.  The Owls came from the the initials of Oshawa Western, which took a few minutes to realize.

Caitlin is going to be disappointed about her new war movie.  Casablanca isn't the war movie the redhead thinks it is.  She's expecting Saving Private Ryan or The Longest Day.  Vamsi's definition is a lot more loose; to her, a war movie is one set during a war, adding works like Casablanca to the set.  The copy Vamsi will provide is legal.  All she'll do is go to a store to buy the DVD.  Not everything Vamsi deals with is illegal.

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