24 Feb 2014

Story Concept - Galactic West

Story concepts are odd.  They can strike at any time.  Take Galactic West, for example.  The entire character concept came from a line of thought while considering commentary topics for the next serial.  The line involved directions in the galactic plane.  The result?

"There is no galactic north, south, or east, but there is a Galactic West, Space Adventurer!"

That quote up there?  That's the germ of the story concept.  Once Galactic West became a possible character, my mind just grabbed him and started trying to figure out who he is.  And he is a space adventurer, whatever that might be.

After a bit more thought, mainly on the bus ride home from work, I figured out who he is, what he does, and who works with him.  Galactic West, Space Adventurer is a chiseled chin hero who isn't too bright.  He has a ship, but he needs people to help him run it.  This is where his long suffering assistant comes in.  She keeps the ship running and the space adventuring profitable.  I briefly played with the idea that Galactic West gets all the credit while she does the work, but that has been done and overdone.  Instead, the assistant, who really needs a name, but will have to do without until I flesh her out more, lets Galactic take all the credit so she can work in the shadows while he gets all the attention.

The story falls under science fiction.  Space Adventurers work in space, obviously.  I will have to figure out how large the story's universe is, whether it covers the entire galaxy or more, or just an arm of the Milky Way.  I do want a maintenance robot of some sort.  Nothing humanoid and nothing like the droids from Star Wars.  The robot is a General Industries Mechanobot model 4413 that comes with attachments for all sorts of tool kits, from starship repair to home maintenance.  If you go to you neighbourhood HyperMart, tool kits for the Mechanobot are buy one, get one 50% off*.  Oh, the Mechanobot doesn't have a personality chip.

Eventually, I will have a more fleshed out setting, with the details I need to have Galactic West have his space adventures.  The tone is already set; light action with humour, some of it slapstick.  Think Inspector Gadget meets Star Wars meets City Hunter.

This won't be in consideration for NaNo2014.  Galactic West, Space Adventurer needs time to gel.  The idea will be a fun one to look at and play with, though.

* Participating stores only.  Some restrictions apply.  Offer expires on the day the Freedonian Moons align as one.  Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

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