27 Feb 2014

Lethal Ladies #29 - Commentary

As always, please read the chapter first.

Last week's installment was a calmer one, giving Rose, Elena, and me a breather after the action in #28.  Throughout Lethal Ladies, I gained a rhythm - burst of action followed by time spent for reactions and regrouping.  I tend to do the same thing even now, but with a better eye to pacing.

The bit about going barefoot is from Die Hard, name-checked by Elena and Rose.  "Snape" is Alan Rickman, who played Hans in Die Hard.  This time around, Elena doesn't have to fight off a heist disguised as a terrorist attack.  The bit, taking off shoes and kneading and rolling your toes on the rug, does work, even after a train ride.  It gives your feet a chance to get out of a pair of shoes and relax a little.

I used another of Rose and Elena's cryptic callbacks, but broke the trend.  This time around, Elena referenced a job that Rose wasn't on.  I had Rose make fun of the idea that Elena was seeing other spies.  The goal was to show that the two women weren't always facing off against each other.  Minor world building, really, but hopefully made the setting feel more real world and believable.

The radio news is a cheap way to let the Ladies know what's going on.  A shooting in what is supposed to be a quiet neighbourhood should be major news.  This also lets me bring Lepinski back.  He's a useful supporting character.  He gave me a chance to show a more playful side to Elena and a way to get information from the Ladies to the police.  Rose isn't as happy with the playful banter and got straight to the point.

Most of the chapter is filler, recapping what has happened.  Helps for word count, might be useful* for a serial.  The extra is Rose asking for FBI involvement.  He reasoning is sound, but tempered by the her daughter's kidnapping.  Lepinski does understand, in part because there is history with him and the Ladies that hasn't been written yet.  His drive-by reconaissance is easier because he's not one of the Ladies.

Tomorrow, Sexton strikes at Rose's weak spot.
Coming soon, gaming work.

* Of course, how useful is up to readers.  Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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