16 Feb 2014

Number 200

Welcome to the 200th post!

This snuck up on me.  The time just flew and only after scheduling the last commentary did I notice that it was the 199th.  If this post seems impromptu, it was.

Since I have nothing planned for the occasion, I figure, why not show how things work?  What goes into making a post here?

First off, words.  Lots of them.  And each word is made out of letters.  At some point, I combine the words to form sentences.  The sentences arrange themselves through magic in to paragraphs.  It's amazing to watch, really.

On a less flippant note, my posts fall under a few different categories.  First, there's the Friday serial.  With Subject 13 and Lethal Ladies, the chapters were already written, making scheduling easy.  The commentary tracks, though, are new and tend to be done the week after the chapter is posted.  The delays that have happened were from not getting the commentary done in time, either through a busy week or not finding something to say until after the last minute.  I do plan on keeping the Friday serial happening once Lethal Ladies is done and have started the replacement series.

The gaming posts are a broad second category.  It gives me a chance to have fun with various systems, though I've mainly done Traveller.  The results are fun and let me delve into the characters' minds a bit more.  I hope that the people reading those posts are enjoying the insights.  One thing that the gaming posts help with, at least for me, is character development for my writing.  I've probably mentioned this before, but my approach to writing is my own.  Other people can write up detailed descriptions, draw character portraits, do psychological studies, even keep character diaries.  Me, I create the character in an appropriate game to make sure I have the right feel.  During the character creation process, I make sure to place in the character's personality, from skills and traits to choosing equipment.  To get specific, when creating Nasty, I kept in mind suggestions from Champions.  Nasty, as herself, is underpowered in the game, but as Peregrine, she is a far more rounded character in terms of capability, thanks to details like the Peregrine-cycle and the armoured costume.

The last big category are the "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" entries.  Entries that go for the weird.  The first was the "Girls as Cars" story idea that grew out of an AIM conversation.  These entries are seldom planned.  They can't be, really.  They come from a mind that likes to warp things, twist them about, and drop the result out fully formed with a "ta-daa" while everyone and everything else around backs away slowly, nodding and

There are other posts that don't fit under any of the above.  It happens.  The blog started because I wanted to see if I could blog and has slowly evolved to what it is now.  It will continue to evolve, too.  That is the nature of the Chaos Beast, to change.

Thank you to everyone following the blog.  It feels good to see that there are people who want to read what I type.

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