12 Feb 2014

NaNoPrep 2014 - Stories Ahoy!

Ah, November, the time of year when I disappear to write--  Wait, it's February?  Explains the cold and snow.

Okay, it may be a bit early to start developing ideas for November, but now is as good a time as any to jot down some ideas, general concepts.  At the very least, I may get feedback on what might be popular.  Or, I could finish a few works left unfinished from previous years and be a NaNo Rebel*.

Pale Horse
This idea is a little more fleshed out; it started as a potential role-playing campaign involving a cursed town along the Pacific Coast of British Columbia.  The core concept was that anyone who lived in the town who left for long enough, with the time undefined, died.  People could leave and return with no fatal effects, though gone long enough and lethargy settled in.  The main character for the story is Janet, the owner and sole pilot of Pale Horse Charter Flights, inheriting the business from her late father.  Other characters include her ex (who was played by another player) and researchers.  The story would involve discovering the curse and trying to end it.

The Clockwork Avenger
Essentially, the same idea as before.  Split into two time periods: Victorian, to get some steampunk going, and modern, the Clockwork Avenger takes on a mad wizard.  Being essentially a superhero story, the story will fall into the Subject 13-verse.

The Unruly Girls
An idea I've been playing with, based on the RPG Hellcats & Hockeysticks.  A private school for girls who are trouble, as opposed to troubled girls.  The core cast has been worked out, as have the setting, the school itself, though I need to create maps, the rival school, the coat of arms, and some of the supporting cast.  I even had the motto translated into Latin, thanks to my very smart and wonderful Classics instructor cousin.  The main issue with this idea is that I keep seeing it as something else - a comic of some sort** instead of a proper novel.  Of course, scripting a comic falls under Script Frenzy and, thus, turns me into a NaNo Rebel.  Or, I could get over myself and see how it works out as prose.

The Threefold
Like the Clockwork Avenger above, the Threefold are in the running again.  What held them from being used last year was a lack of plot.  If I can work out a plot and not just antagonists and scenes, they may get worked on.

Since it's still early, 8.5 months early, more ideas can come and go and the above will get fleshed out more.  Thinking about this early gives me a chance to get details locked down and to get artwork ready.

* I'm still going to aim for 50 000 words.  Between the at least two works, that should be enough to keep me going.

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