29 Nov 2017

The Devil You Know - Commentary 18

Gemma killed Jack, but it didn't take, in The Devil You Know Chapter 18.

It's not that Ione's corset is transforming her into being more assertive; her assertiveness is starting by wearing the corset.  Ione's reached a point where she's tired of being the passenger.  She's pushed back somewhat against Jack, but her sense of duty and her desire to find out what happened in Chapter 1 has been her main drive.  Now, she's becoming more active.

Ione's Google-fu is stronger than mine.  I haven't been able to find anything official for the song "Smuggler's Blues", let alone a video.  The lyric Ione quotes, "No matter if it's cocaine, heroine, or hash/You've got to carry weapons 'cause you always carry cash," was written in the 80s and is still a bit of advice drug dealers follow.  Jack's getting involved in a dangerous business, and he's bringing a small sword to a potential gunfight.  However, as seen later, Jack doesn't have much worry too much about that sort of thing.

Gemma was always meant to be one of the key characters, along with Ione and Karen.  I spent time working out a few details for them, ultimately creating a look for each of them in The Sims 2.  Somehow, getting the personalities worked out in the game managed to a good sequence that seemed to set up the antagonism Gemma has for Ione.  I didn't work out Mara; remember, she was a late addition because of crew requirements for Jack's jet.  The work in the game did let me get an idea of what the characters looked like for descriptions in the text.

Gemma left, Ione middle, Karen right.
Gemma: "Are you two seriously going along with this ridiculous plotline?"
(Photo capture from The Sims 2)

Ione: "Do you have anything better to do?  I don't see you going out there and auditioning for other stories."
(Photo capture from The Sims 2)

Gemma: "You can do that?"
(Photo capture from The Sims 2)
That leaves Jack.  Gemma shot him.  Jack should be dead.  And yet, there he is.  He's a little angry; getting shot tends to do that to a person.  The big reveal is in Chapter 19, but should be confirmation that Jack is far more than he appears.  I'm hoping that there was a bit of a surprise to what happened with him, but I also started to lay down a few clues ahead of time.

While writing this chapter, I was wondering if Gemma should have Karen stashed somewhere.  The problem with that is Karen's not alone, and I know Ben's true nature.  Not helping matters is that a rescue mission distracts from the main plot at this point.  So, Gemma lied.  She's a spy; it comes with the job.  Gemma lied to Ione and kept our heroine from being able to spend much time thinking about how Karen could have been caught.  No need to have a real damsel in distress to make Ione think there is one.

Since I had no idea where the story was going most of the time, I wound up doing quick research just before I needed details.  One of the things I was wondering about was the border between Monaco and France, especially around Monte Carlo.  Turned out, the border is a street, with no real passport control.  To get to Monte Carlo, travellers have to go through France or travel by boat, both of which will involve customs.  Border hopping is possible, but the two countries probably have treaties to deal with that sort of thing.  This was helpful.  I didn't want to deal with customs just to get Ione to see Karen and then go off to help Jack.

The cliffhanger leads to the reveal in Chapter 19.  Jack and Ben have met before.  Many times.  But, that's for the next commentary.

Friday, meeting the other players, in the The Devil You Know Chapter 20.
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  1. So Jack should be dead. There's two ways this could make sense (to me):
    -Jack is the sword-guy from the opener. He didn't mean for the place to blow up, and needs help to work his way back in to deal with everyone else in this scheme, through the chain Ione provides. In this case "The Devil You Know" is a commentary on perhaps knowing the Devil, Jack himself.
    -Jack is of the same species as the sword-guy. His story about trying to get to sword-guy's next target is then true, so that he can prevent someone of his kind from meddling in the affairs of humans. (I'd say they're vampires, except vampires who hang around in the sun and eat escargot is weird. Aliens?) In this case "The Devil You Know" is a play on the one you know, versus the one you don't, who is perhaps more dangerous.

    Either way it does harken back to an earlier remark about the only way someone would know about warehouse guy is if they were there, or literally were the guy. Something I hadn't thought back to lately, so good job on that.

    About Gemma keeping Ione from "being able to spend much time thinking about how Karen could have been caught", giving Ione time to sit and drink coffee seems to torpedo that theory. Though it does raise the additional point of, yeah, Ione SHOULD have questioned the mechanics of that too... I REALLY don't understand Gemma's plan.

    Final remark, I didn't get the end of Chapter 18 as being a reveal that Jack and Ben have met before. I just saw it as Ben being overly protective, figuring he would have reacted the same way if Ione and Gemma (or Ione and Anyone) had opened the door, figuring Ione was being manipulated into being there.

    Cool Sims pics, btw. The poses really work.