10 Apr 2015

Unruly - The Great Jennifer Round-Up Chapter 2 - Commentary

Welcome back to the commentary.  Caitlin gets the troops together, Autumn gets paranoid, and the Jennifers are still missing.  Please read the chapter first to avoid spoilers.

Two more seniors are introduced, Claire and Felicia.  That means at least four rooms of seniors, including Caitlin and Vamsi's dorms.  Both will re-appear in later chapters.  For now, they're handy to have speak.  Felicia is good at stating the obvious.  Each girl, other than Caitlin, was voted by their dorm to go to the meeting.  In Vamsi's case, it was three votes for her and one for Cassie.  Caitlin voted for herself with no dissenting or, indeed, any other votes.

I always had in mind that one of the Jennifers was going to be named Jennifer.  Yes, it is confusing, but Jenn, to distinguish herself from the generic Jennifer, is annoyed by the misuse of her name because of that confusion.  She does take a stand by insisting on her name.  Jenn is a future dorm leader, just from her actions here.  Caitlin does notice, as she does the response Jenn gives to her question.  Sometimes, you have to phrase your question just right to get the answer you need.

Autumn's paranoia was fun to write.  She's overstating the response by a bit.  The Ontario Regiment wouldn't be the first called out to the Academy.  Containment is the key to preventing widespread destruction if the Unrulies did riot.  The Diefenbunker is a real place, a decommissioned nuclear bunker created for use by the Prime Minister, his cabinet, and other Members of Parliament.  It's now part museum, part meeting place.  DiefCon, a gaming convention, was held there in 2014.

The bombing is Autumn misreading a government document.  Ontario does not arm its firefighting aircraft to assault girls' schools, even if they are housing a number of dangerous girls.  Autumn's knowledge of government is lacking, though she doesn't trust what people tell her about the different levels.  Laura does enjoy poking at her roomies' foibles.  Caitlin has a better source about future bombings; her mother would call ahead.  Caitlin's parents are military; her mother is Lieutenant Colonel Anna Kane-O'Shaughnessy of the Royal Canadian Air Force.  She crewed on Auroras out of Greenwood, Nova Scotia.  The CP-140 Aurora is used by the Air Force as a reconnaissance airplane, and would be used on the Academy to get a situation report without risking lower-flying craft like helicopters.  Who knows what the Unrulies could have, right?

With their experience as rioting Jennifers, the girls, save Laura, do have in idea of what to expect.  A mob of half-feral young girls wreaking havoc should be breaking news, at least locally.  Even if the news is in on the cover up, traffic cameras should still pick up disruption on the roads.  If the Jennifers aren't out rioting, what happened?  Laura's background comes into play.  Not that she ever kidnapped girls or even drugged them, but her father knows people who know people in that field.  Skye's explanation fits Occam's razor, "Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily."  The simpler theory is better, mainly because it's easier to prove or disprove.  Caitlin has bribed Jennifers before, using chocolate.

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