26 Mar 2015

Unruly: Preview of The Great Jennifer Round-Up

With "The New Girl" done and Laura ensconced in the madness, it's time to flesh out the Academy a bit more.  Thus, "The Great Jennifer Round-Up".  The Jennifers have appeared already, mostly as background characters.  If this were a webcomic, every time a Jennifer appeared, she'd be different.  The older girls at the Academy treat them as one part redshirt, one part wild animal.  The arc should show differently.

Along with the Jennifers, it's time to get Laura to class.  Classes are loosely based on reality.  Very loosely based on reality.  Being in Ontario, Laura and the other Unrulies have to take certain classes and take certain tests.  Laura is home-schooled by a parent who was using her.  Caitlin's focus is more military.  Autumn would prefer to just hack in and change her marks without having to study.  Needless to say, Headmistress Stone takes a flexible approach to requirements, not to mention coming down hard on students who get caught.

This arc gave me a new opportunity as I saw that I needed to know who was behind all the chaos.  Not too much gets given away just yet, but the seeds are there.  Jennifers don't run amok without cause.  Even the faceless horde has a motive.  While the arc wraps up, tendrils will remain for later use and abuse.  A low level of tension to add to the intra-Unruly conflict.  At this point, the Unrulies will be at each other's throats.

Tomorrow, the first chapter of "The Great Jennifer Round-Up".
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