8 Mar 2015

Daylight Savings Time, or Everyone Have a Free Heart Attack

Once again, Daylight Savings Time returns.  A cruel theft of an hour of sleep when sleep deprivation is already a problem.  The loss of the hour causes a number of health issues, including an increase in the risk of a heart attack in the first two days after the time shift.  That risk decreases the same time after returning to Standard Time.  We have high school students not getting enough sleep as it is.  Drivers are affected; the number of fatalities on the road increases after the switch to Daylight Savings.  The switch back again lowers.

If the health risks weren't enough, the switch is happening two weeks before the amount of daylight hours is greater than the hours of darkness.  The vernal equinox is March 21; it's March 8, thirteen days before.  The switch remain in effect until after October 31st, six weeks after the autumnal equinox.  The switch just isn't made with people in mind.  Waking up in darkness, as in winter, isn't a sign of being a good person.  Waking up early isn't necessarily a good thing.  There are people who work better later into the night, and this switch causes too many problems for them.

In short, ban Daylight Savings Time.  It's time has gone.

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