29 Jan 2015

Unruly - Preview

Normally, Thursdays are reserved for commentary on the previous week's chapter.  Last week, though, I posted just ideas on future arcs for Beaver Flight, with the commentary included.  I could always comment on the commentary, but that type meta-level discussion has been done already for an unused, unfinished episode of Fatman for The Weird Al Show.  I doubt I could live up to the standards set there, so no commentary for last week.

Instead, I'll try to segue into Unruly, my NaNoWriMo project for 2014.  Throughout the commentary for Beaver Flight, I mentioned that the story didn't fit the novel format.  As imagined, the Beavers would work best as serial fiction, like Subject 13Unruly, no matter how much I twisted it in my head, also fit best as serialized fiction.  I figured this out before I started, mainly because of my efforts serializing other works, like Lethal Ladies and By the Numbers.  By using a serial format, I could have arcs that could run as long as they needed without worrying about stretching the story over 50,000 words and twenty-some chapters*.

Unruly thrived as a serial.  I could set up threads for later arcs, introduce characters as needed, and explore the setting in a leisurely manner.  Small details came out, as they always do, but they added to the overall story without causing problems.  Characters had time in the spotlight.  As always, one or two tended to take the spotlight away from others, but the nature of the setting allowed them to do that.  Besides, the girls are scary.

Tomorrow, the debut of Unruly!
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* Based roughly on the number of chapters in By the Numbers.

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