1 Jan 2015

Beaver Flight Commentary - Chapter 9

Happy New Year and welcome back!  Before continuing, please read the chapter first.  The comments will make more sense.

The story opens on July 1st, Canada Day, the day to commemorate the creation of the nation.  A day of celebration, of barbecues, of beer, and of fireworks.  A day so big, even the aliens get in on the fun, sending a massive firecracker of their own.  Darcy kept the flight alert even at the end of the shift.  The explosion could have been far worse if the Beavers hadn't been cautious.  The launch of Eagle Flight was standard procedures; with four flights in rotation, having backup on standby helps.

Darcy's landing showed the emergency crews in action.  A plane crash is devastating on Earth.  A crash in a hanger that serves as a buffer between a pressurized habitat and the vacuum of space could destroy the base.  A fire could be dealt with by opening the hangar to space, robbing the blaze of oxygen, but all personnel would have to be evacuated or don a space suit first.  Darcy was able to limp in without exploding, though.

Dominique's story about her younger sister was based on something my cats did.  When Mischief was a kitten and first introduced to Tux, six years older than her, she got it in her head that she would tackle him.  There was a huge size difference, but that never stopped her.  Tux could easily have put her in her place, but he didn't.  He swatted her, smacked her, and once even picked her up and tossed her.  Tux's usual method was to come crying to me when he knew Mischief laid in wait for him, but he'd never let me go first to go pick her up.  When Mischief got bigger, she managed to throw Tux to both cats' surprise.  Tux grabbed her to push her back, but Mischief got her back legs under him and rolled.  And that's where the story of Dom and her sister Tanya.
Mischief, not attacking Tux.

The recorded celebration from Parliament Hill is based on Canada Day shows I've attended there.  The show starts in the afternoon and runs until dark, featuring Canadian entertainers from coast to coast to coast*, interspersed with short speeches from Canadian statesmen, including the Governor-General.  When it gets dark enough, weather permitting, the fireworks are set off.  The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation usually carries the evening show at the minimum.  As for Farming Dirt, just another shoutout to the Arrogant Worms, without whom there would be no /Beaver Flight/.

Tux, on alert while trying to rest.
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* Canada has three coasts.

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  1. Whenever someone says "there's a wonderful surprise waiting" bad stuff is going to happen. It wasn't actually as bad as I'd thought, so maybe that counts as a subversion. Part of me thought maybe they'd abduct Dominique, as she's large enough that maybe she'd be mistaken for a male. Also interesting how the explosion was outside the usual area - maybe the invaders have "rogue" factions within them.

    Interesting where inspiration can come from too! I shall now picture Dom with kitty ears. ;)