30 May 2013

Subject 13 #21 - Commentary

As always, please read the issue before continuing.

Nasty gets right to work on the Pyro Twins.  Yes, the Eagle does have staff to do this sort of work.  However, a sidekick's work is never done and Nasty wants to make a good impression.  Her other option is to hit the road, and she feels she owes Anne and the Foundation for the clothes and food.  Dinner sort of slid by her.  It's not that Nasty expects her mother or anyone else to prepare meals; instead, Nasty got caught up in the research and lost track of time.

Most of the board of directors for the American Eagle Foundation appear, with only Edward, who has already made an appearance missing.  The board is one part stymied, one part using a Socratic method to see if Nasty either has or can inspire an idea of where to look.  Sometimes, having someone new in to look at a problem can help find a solution.  Other times, it's a sign to throw in the towel and walk away for a bit.  Nasty is also still adjusting to her lost month.  She does have a few good ideas; the flirty-ness that the Pyro Twins displayed in their video really didn't endear themselves to Nasty.

The issue ends up with Nasty being taken to a new school, the Sarah J. Fieldson Academy for Girls.  Note that this school, and any other school I have mentioned, including Seward, do not exist.  This allows me to create a campus as needed, create a class schedule as needed, and avoids awkward questions like, "Why do you know so much about these schools?" with ease.  (Answer: Because they came from my imagination.)  There will be times when I name a school after a well-known American historical figure and accidentally get a real school.  How many George Washington Public Schools and George Washington High Schools are there?  Lots.  It's like using Main and Washington as a placeholder for streets in an American city; chances are the two exist and may even intersect.  In the case of Fieldson, I had named it after a woman in Rochester's history, though the details are now lost.  Seward, or the William H. Seward Academy, was named after William H. Seward, a former US Secretary of State from New York State who was responsible for the Alaska Purchase.

One element that creating my own schools lets me do is set the school uniform for the private academies Nasty goes to.  Seward allows girls to wear pants instead of skirts.  Fieldson does not, which does not endear the school to Nasty.  As has been pointed out, both in commentary and by Nasty herself, she does not consider herself attractive and she is uncomfortable with anything that might draw attention to her looks.  Anne tried to reassure her.

Friday, in Issue 22, Nasty starts her undercover work.
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