2 May 2013

Subject 13 #17 - Commentary

As always, read the issue first.  I'll also answer questions that people put in comments, too.

Nasty went for the favour; getting new clothes.  She grabbed the clothes available to her during her escape.  She had the time with Mikail to grab his shirt and pants; with Karen, Nasty had alarms blaring, had just broke through an ambush, and only had time for shoes with high heels.  Nasty also doesn't like the idea of people seeing her in a state of undress; she's a private person.  She doesn't like feeling like she's on display.  This is probably the biggest rift between Nasty and Maria.

Anne, meanwhile, spends too much time at the office, is a high level office of the American Eagle Foundation of Rochester, or both.  How else would she merit having an office with a shower?  Anne, if she noticed what Nasty has, isn't saying, to give Nasty her privacy.  It helps being Natasha's age once and knowing what the younger woman might be thinking.

Issue 17 is another "written between calls" part.  It more-or-less deals with Nasty's reactions.  It's safe to say that the pattern with portions written at the old job was Event, Fallout, Reaction, and repeat.  It worked to keep me sane.  It's not as good for plot development; it leads to short issues that allow for small steps instead of something meatier.

Friday, issue 18 sees Nasty's final decision.
Saturday, over at Fan To Pro, part III of adapting games, focusing on RPGs.
Monday, back here, NaNo Prep 2013 continues.

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