22 May 2013

Subject 13 #19 - Commentary

As always, please read the issue before continuing.

Catching up...

Something I don't remember reading in the comic, and this doesn't mean it hasn't happened, just that I haven't seen it, is the formal introduction of a sidekick by a public hero.  The American Eagle isn't a dark and brooding hero who skulks by night.  "Stop, evil-doer!" just doesn't lend itself to someone striking fear into the criminal populace.  Instead, the American Eagle has a foundation, complete with a public relations department.  Getting a new Peregrine counts as major news, at least for Rochester.  Thus, the press conference.  Eagle has a team of people supporting him, making it easier to liase with local authorities.

Backstage, Nasty gets to deal with the hassle of a costume.  A gaudy costume; costumes are to superheroes and supervillains what uniforms are to police, security, and the military - recognition.  Even if the viewer doesn't recognize the costume, he or she recognizes the significance of wearing the costume.  Naturally, with superheroes, most costumes are skin tight.  That's where Nasty has a problem; she doesn't like how her body looks.  The costume isn't skin tight, though; it is padded to offer armour and to disguise Nasty's figure.  Eagle's people know what a secret identity needs to be protected.

The press conference goes, possibly far quicker than a typical one.  (Mind, I live in Ottawa, where press conferences are a way of life for many people.  Your mileage may vary.)  While the questions are, mostly, simple ones, Nasty shows a lack of experience in answering them.  If I can get Crossover published, you'll see a difference between this issue, where Nasty's a rookie, and her performance at a con, after she's gained some experience.  And there is always that one person who has to ask a gotcha question.  The reporter does have a point; sidekicks aren't prestigious and many supers, at least in the S13-verse, start as a solo hero.  Eagle did stand up for the Peregrine, pointing out the history of the costume.

The issue winds itself up with Nasty getting a new motorcycle.  I think I'd been watching the third and fourth season of ReBoot, with AndrAIa enjoying motorcycles a bit much at the time.*  The motorcycle almost wound up being based on a BMW frame, then I realized that the American Eagle would get an American motorcycle, and Harley-Davidson is a better known name over Indian.  Narratively, Nasty received the motorcycle to try to balance her out more.  Several versions of Champions recommended that superhero player characters have a mix of offense, defense, and movement; Nasty has offense only.  The motorcycle and the padded costume make up for the deficiencies.

Finally, again, Nasty has a reaction on the elevator.  Yes, there is a reason.  No, I'm not giving it out right now.  What do you think?  Speculate in the comments.

Later this week, commentary for Issue 20.
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Coming, rebooting science fiction, more NaNo 2013 prep work, and more!

* "What is it with you and motorcycles?"

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