10 Jun 2021

Test Run - Sentinel Comics the Roleplaying Game - The Random Method

Time to go back to Greater Than Games' Sentinel Comics the Roleplaying Game.  A few weeks ago, I modelled Ringette using the game.  This time around, I want to try the random character creation method.  I finally figured out what they game meant by rolling dice now that I wasn't focused on modelling a specific character.  Both methods are viable in the game, which is a strength.  Since this will get long, everything starts after the break.

The random method starts with rolling two 10-sided dice to determine background.  From there, each result will indicate the dice to roll for the next step, along with abilities and powers that go along with the result.  The dice results can read singly or in any combination, so there will be a choice every step barring doubles and triples.

1) Background

The results of the 2d10 are 1 and 9.  I can choose from the Upper Class, Performer, or Military backgrounds.  Since the best superpower in comics in incredible wealth - see Batman and Lex Luthor for examples - I'll go with Upper Class.  I get to assign a d10 and a d8s to two qualities.  I'll take Persuasion at d10 and Conviction at d8.  I also have to choose a Responsibility principle; I`ll grab Principle of Business.  The character has a good income.  For the next step, I get a d10 and two d8s to roll.

2) Power Source

The results of the dice roll from Background are 3, 4, and 7.  I can choose from Genetic, Experimentation, Relic, Tech Upgrades, Supernatural, or Alien.  Tech Upgrades feels like a natural fit with Upper Class, but I know of a rich Genetic hero (Angel, from X-Men) and a rich Supernatural hero (Moon Knight), so all are possible.  Still, I could go with a Power Suit, so Tech Upgrades wins.  The dice from Background, the d10 and two d8s, are assigned as follows - Power Suit at d10, Intuition at d8, and Sonic at d8.  I get two Yellow abilties, each using a different power.  Tactical Analysis goes well with the Intuition, though the ability doesn't use a power die.  The second Yellow ability I take is Recharge, which will use the Power Suit die.  Finally, I get a Green ability; I take Organi-Hack, to use with the Sonic die.  For the next step, I can roll a d10 and two d8s.

3) Archetype

The results of the dice roll from Power Source are 3, 4, and 10, giving me a choice of Physical Powerhouse, Marksman, Armoured, Robot/Cyborg, Transporter, Minion-Maker, or Gadgeteer.  A nice range of choices that fits so far with what I have already.  I'll take Arnoured, since the feeling I'm getting from the character is heading in that direction, though Marksman and Gadgeteer were not too far behind.  I assigned the d10 to Strength and the d8s to Ranged Combat and Banter.  Being Armoured, I get the Green ability Armoured and can choose three more using at least two different powers.  I'll take Dual Offense for the Sonic weapon in the armour, Repair using Power Suit, and Unstoppable Charge, using Strength.  I can now take an Expertise principle, which will be Principle of the Gearhead.  I'll make a note that I can use a Materials or Technological Power instead of an Athletic power or Mental quality when determining Health in step 7.  For the next step, I can roll two d10s.

4) Personality

The d10s from Archetype result in a pair of 9s.  I have the choice between Inquisitive and Apathetic.  Apathy in a driven business-type person doesn't work, so Inquisitive it is.  Besides, that's how the money is made, by try to find a new niche to fill, even if that niche has to be created.  I get a quality based on the backstory, so Start-Up Business gets a d8.  The Out ability is to allow an ally to reroll one of their dice with a Reaction.  Status dice are d6 in the Green Zone, d8 in the Yellow, and d10 in the Red; when the chips are down, the character steps up.

5) Red Abilities

I get to choose two Red abilities, limited by needing to have dice in a power or quality in the category.  I'll take Unload, using the Power Suit die, and Heroic Sacrifice.

6) Retcon

Time to see if there's anything missing.  The power armour seems a little slow, so I'll add Speed at d6 to the powers.

7) Health

Health is the sum of the maximum value of my Red die, the maximum value of any Athletic power, Mental quality, or Technoligical power (I have no Materials power), and the roll of a d8 or 4, my choice.  That works out to 8 + 10 (Red status die is d10) + 10 (Power Suit and Strength are both d10) + 2 (I chose to roll and rolled poorly), for a total of 30.

8) Finishing Touches

Now to work out the good stuff like name and secret ID.  Victor Vernon, CEO and founder of Double-V Electronics, fights crime as the armoured hero, Valiant.  Victor built his armour as a personal project at Double-V, with breakthroughs being filtered down to different departments, such as feedback systems to prosthetic design.  He is concerned about what could happen if someone reverse engineers the suit.  In the meantime, the suit will remain the test bed for new technology, being filtered through the various divisions of Double-V to consumer products.

I've also renamed the powers, to better reflect the character.  Here are the changes:


  •   Armoured - Power Armour
  •   Dual Offense - Harmony Shot
  •   Unstoppable Charge - Bull Rush
  •   Repair -> Self-Repair System
  •   Organi-Hack -> Sonic Blast


  •   Tactical Analysis -> Eye for Danger
  •   Recharge -> Reserve Power


  •   Unload - Death Blossom
  •   Ultimatum - Damage Magnet


Alias: Victor Vernon

Physical Attributes

  •   Gender: Mail
  •   Age: Early 30s
  •   Height: 5'11"
  •   Eyes: Hazel Hair: Blonde Skin: Caucasian
  •   Build: Athletic
  •   Costume/Equipment: The Valiant armour is bulky, containing experimental equipment that hasn't yet been miniaturized.  The armour is blue with gold trim.


  •   Background: Upper Class
  •   Power Source: Tech Upgrades
  •   Archetype:  Armoured
  •   Personality:  Inquisitive

Principle of Business

  •   During Roleplaying: You are an entrepreneur; running a business is an important part of your life and your identity.  You have a base of operations that you can rely on for support.
  •   Minor Twist: You`re always looking at the bigger picture.  How does this cause friction in the moment with your team?
  •   Major Twist: Your business interests are in danger.  What are your priorities, truly?

Principle of The Gearhead

  •   During Roleplaying: You always know the general state of repair or function of an item of technology, whether it's a simple toaster or an alien defense station.
  •   Minor Twist: What mechanical device just shorted out?
  •   Major Twist: What machine went entirely off the rails?


  •   Intuition d8
  •   Power Suit d10
  •   Speed d6
  •   Sonic d8
  •   Strength d10


  •   Banter d8
  •   Conviction d8
  •   Persuasion d10
  •   Ranged Combat d8
  •   Start-Up Business d8

Status Dice Health Range

  •   Green: d6 30-23
  •   Yellow: d8 22-12
  •   Red: d10 11-1
  • Current Health: 30



  •   Bull Rush (A) - Attack using Strength.  Ignore all penalties on this Attack, ignore any Defend actions, and it cannot be affected by Reactions.
  •   Harmony Shot (A) - Attack using Sonic die.  Attack a second targets using your Min die.
  •   Power Armour (I) - Reduce any physical or energy damage taken by 1 in the Green Zone, 2 in the Yellow Zone, and 3 in the Red Zone.
  •   Self-Repair System (A) - Attack using Power Suit.  Recover Health equal to your Min die.
  •   Sonic Blast (A) - Attack a target using Sonic.  Hinder that target with your Min die.
  •   Principle of Business (A) - Overcome a situation related to your field of business or knowing locals.  Use your Max die.  You and your allies each gain a hero point.
  •   Principle of the Gearhead (A) - Overcome a technological challenge and use your Max die.  You and each of your allies gain a hero point.


  •   Eye for Danger (R) - When Attacked, treat the amount of damage received as a Boost action for yourself.
  •   Reserve Power (A) - Boost yourself using Power Suit.  Then, either remove a penalty on yourself or Recover using your Min die.


  •   Damage Magnet (R) - When an opponent Attacks, you may become the target of that Attack and Defend using your single Red Zone die.
  •   Death Blossom[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLNvUsTBGyE] (A) - Attack multiple targets with Power Suit, using your Max+Min dice.  If you roll doubles, either take a minor twist or damage using your Mid die.


  •   Choose an Ally.  They may reroll one of their dice by using a Reaction.

After the Background and Power Source, I began to get a good feel to what the character would be.  The random rolls are good for starting the creative process if a player is stuck on what to play.  The method also allows for choice without causing decision paralysis.  The character is still viable at the end of the process.  Valiant and Ringette are equally effective despite the two methods used.  Time take was about the same for both methods.  I've played around with the random method a few times and wound up leaving it when Background and Power Source suggested a complete character and I just went with modelling the idea for the rest of the character.

As always, feel free to use this character in your own game, but please let me know how it goes.

Since I don't have a picture of the character, here is Jewel sitting on top of me while I try to sleep.  (Model is Jewel, photo by author.)

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