16 May 2019

The Elf's Prisoner - Commentary 29

Trust, but verify, in The Elf's Prisoner Chapter 29.

Two main elements in Chapter 29.  The first is how well the inter-party trust works; the other how trusted the party is by others.  This wasn't an intentional approach.  Again, seat of the pants writing here.  However, I do like having characters together.  They can play off each other in dialogue where a solo character is just stuck with thoughts and no one to explain things to.  The previous chapter saw Jyslyn, Wren, and Leo head out for some investigation.  Nyssa and Kazi get to wait for replies.

Nyssa doesn't necessarily trust Jyslyn.  She hasn't made waves so far because her mission could use the extra help and Jyslyn has helped the party.  However, dark elves have a rep, one that's weighing on the back of her mind.  Kazi has the inside scoop on what's going on with Jyslyn.  Ancient elven history is something to learn from the elves.  The prophecy was a last minute addition to the story.  It's more sequel hook than anything else, but it helps with building the world.  Ancient prophecies tend to make a world more lived-in.

Kazi sums up what happened in the early chapters.  Nyssa hasn't heard the full story yet.  It didn't feel right that she was just going along with Jyslyn being there, even if she was Wren's responsibility.  Maybe especially if she is Wren's responsibility.  Wren is still a young elf.  The original work, done long before NaNoWriMo ever existed, based on details in the first edition of AD&D.  While I am trying to fill off the serial numbers, I do need to point out inspirations.  In the game, high elves, which Kazi and Wren were in the original concept, had longer life expectancies than drow, like Jyslyn, ignoring that a dark elf was more likely to die from a dagger than old age.  A young adult high elf could be older than an adult drow.  Technically, Wren could be older than Jyslyn.  It makes timing difficult, especially with some future ideas in mind.

The Niceans started forming as I got closer to this chapter.  They use a different type of magic than seen so far.  I don't have the specifics, though.  It wasn't needed just yet, but it's something I kept in mind.  Niceans acting in official capacity tend to be formal.  It could be either from their native language having nuance or from them being always on when in foreign lands.  Iskander has another reason for being short - he lost an ambassador.  Kazi recognized that Iskander had cast a spell to discern truth.  It's considered impolite to do so in Wildwood, and dangerous to do in the Seven Dominions.

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