13 Dec 2016

The Soul Blade Chapter 10 - The Commentary

Brenna and Tricia finally meet, in The Soul Blade Chapter 10.

As mentioned before. Brenna can't do that much until Tricia acts.  Why not let Tricia act?  The problem here is that Tricia isn't using mystical means when she first attacks her victims.  As far as Brenna knows, this is just a random attack.  For Tricia, she's attacking a victim of opportunity.  Her first target has a car that just doesn't work for sneaking up in the back seat.  The SMART car] has very little room for a person behind the two seats.

Writing the attack from Tricia's point of view let me show what Brenna appears as when she's doing her job as Bladekeeper.  Brenna's getting help from her mother, except only Brenna can see her.  Tricia just sees a girl suddenly dodging when there was no way for her to know what was coming.  The fight turned out to be the wrong sort of one-sided for Tricia.  I wound up with unanswered questions, such as how did Brenna's van gain the ability to shock people.  I blame Joni for now.

The language is a little more course this time around.  Tricia can be explained; she's not a nice person and will drop the f-bomb when startled.  Brenna is at the edge of her limits; she's just been attacked and facing a sister who is determined to tease her.  Grace doesn't know what happened; Brenna needs to learn communication, but after she recovers from her breakdown.

To be fair, most Bladekeepers never have to deal with the human element being aggressive.  Ghosts are one thing; murderous women with knives are another.  Bladekeepers are usually trained from one generation to another.  Joni prepared Grace, though.  She trained Brenna posthumously.  Thanks to witch hunts, past Bladekeepers kept their abilities a secret except to people they could trust implicitly.  Ghosts know of them, as Bert has shown in the previous chapters.  Most humans are blissfully unaware of Bladekeepers, and those who are aware are either family and close friends, like Grace, Summer, and Missy, or nasty people trying to gain power, and Tricia doesn't count there.

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