12 Aug 2016

Future Plans

As mentioned yesterday, I'm having some computer issues.  The last piece in the BattleTech intro is sitll in the works, getting Rahela and Victor to join Frankie.  While that is in the works, here's what else I have in mind.

NaNo Prep Work
November isn't too far off and I've fallen a little behind in the preparation for NaNoWriMo.  What I want to do is write a short story featuring the characters I want to use.  Six stories may be a a stretch at this point, but I have nothing to lose by trying for it.  The six include the five characters from the Shadowrun idea and the rookie scout from the Terran Commonwealth.  For added fun on my part, I want the five Shadowrun stories to intersect somehow.

I've been putting thought into the two incomplete Unruly arcs I've started.  One focuses on Vamsi and her roommates, taking the spotlight away from Laura for a bit.  The other goes into backstory, six years before The New Girl.  I've been trying to work out what happens and may have an idea now.  I do want to introduce readers to Miriam "The Dictionary" Webster soon.

Cortex+ Hacks
I had an idea occur to me recently, using Cortex+ as used in the Firefly RPG and see how it can be adapted to Mass Effect.  I suspect that it'll be easy, with the only catches being species, biotics, and the paragon/renegade mechanic.  This is low on the list right now; I still need to think over the idea to see what can be done, but species may wind up being a distinction with just one trigger, the swapping the d8 for a d4 and a plot point.  Biotics will be handled by distinctions for now and may be swept into a role distinction (Sentinel, Adept, and the like).

The BattleTech hack will continue off and on.  What I have passed the conceptual test; treating BattleMechs as the same as starships doesn't break the system.  My current thinking is that players would have two PCs, one a MechWarrior, the other a support person of some sort, but only if 'Mech battles were regular.

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