26 Nov 2015

Crossover Chapter 14 - Commentary

The triumphant return!  Please read the chapter before continuing.

When I first started writing Crossover, I didn't expect my supporting characters to take on larger roles.  Eric is now shouldering the burden, having to fend off a false Nasty who has nothing more in her mind than using him as a sex toy.  Keith's technical expertise, already set up thanks to Prototype Alpha and the Powered BIKINI, is playing a key role.  Micki has taken charge of the situation.  I need a large cast, even if most of the characters are in supporting roles.  A single character would get stuck.

Micki needed to confirm Nasty was really Nasty.  There's already one duplicate running loose; there could be another for all she knows.  Plus, she got to have some fun at the former-Peregrine's expense.  Not everyone on this side of the barrier is nice.

Vicki has a problem that doesn't come up often in comics - what to do with personal effects when in costume.  Peter Parker can web his clothes high up on a wall to keep people away.  Pixie doesn't have that luxury, though she can fly.  People will notice a hotel key card flying over a crowd.  Pockets work; Peregrine's costume has a few, but Pixie shrinks.  The card would rip the pocket and the costume when she gets small.

Pixie's father gets a cameo!  His role was to be Vicki's chaperon.  Once in Cleveland, he needed to be out of the way.  It's a good thing that baseball doesn't have a set time.  Baseball games are nine innings long, and each inning takes as long as it takes.  A typical game is about 2.5-3 hours long, though the Blue Jays tended to linger and take longer.  A tie game after nine innings means extra innings which, again, take as long as needed.  In short, baseball games are a good way to get a character out of the way without having to worry that the character will show up when inconvenient.

The big battle is now set up.  The heroes lost the first fight; they weren't prepared.  This time, they know what to expect.  Nasty is looking forward to showing her counterpart the error of her boy-stealing ways.  Meredith and Keith have a rough plan to deal with Prototype Omega.  Pixie may be the odd girl out.  Her Pixie Dust doesn't work on her counterpart, just like it doesn't work on herself.  But, she will be there and ready to help.

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