16 Jul 2015

Unruly - Basketball Night in Canada Chapter 9 - Commentary

Laura gets jealous eyes upon her and Caitlin gets her hands dirty.  Welcome to the commentary for "I'll See Your Bluff".  Please read the chapter first before continuing.

I basically gave up on keeping Laura's English problems out of the chapter.  It was a leftover thread from the previous arcs and needed to have a proper ending, even if left dangling.  The attention Laura's getting isn't so much about what's in the envelope but that a popular teacher gave it to her.  The new girl got something that the others have worked hard to achieve - Mr. Baker's personal attention.

Caitlin and her ego have been busy over the past five years getting on the wrong side of people.  Kitty-Cait hasn't quite learned how to play well with others.  Her list comes from Chapter 8's news from Mags that someone she knows is behind the plot.  Verity's at the top of the list, though Laura's suggestions do have merit.

One of the fun parts of Rule 4, "Don't get caught," is that the Unrulies learn just how far they can go before they actually break a law.  The scuffle in Chapter 6 between Skye and Dylan started when Dylan tried to throw a punch.  Skye, in her mind, acted in self-defense, and the video from the food court would show that he tried to hit her.  Likewise, the attempt to open the door to Wheeler's business isn't breaking in, especially during what should be regular business hours.

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