31 Dec 2014

Wrapping Up 2014.

At last, 2014 is ending.  At the beginning of the year, I listed a few plans I had for the year.  Time to look at what did and didn't happen.

1) Get Lost in Translation compiled, cleaned up, and bookified.
Didn't happen, though I am still writing the column.  Time available was a minor culprit, as was a lack of discipline to gather one hundred and twenty numbered columns and the extra essays.  It's still a project to be done.  I just need to figure out how to layout the essays and reviews.

2) Clean up at least one completed NaNoWriMo project for publication.
Sort of done.  While Crossover, from 2008, has had a few editing passes made, By the Numbers went a different route.  Other works need to be finished.

3) Start a new serial for Fridays.
Done.  By the Numbers, part of number 2 above, and Beaver Flight were adapted for serialization, and Unruly will be coming soon.

4) Figure out how to incorporate more pictures in the blog.
Didn't happen.  When I sit down to write, it's all text.  I get pleased with myself for having hyperlinks.  Adding pictures only happens when the post features the visual.  Something to work on.

5) Save money for the inevitable end of my contract.
Did that.  Wound up out of work longer than expected.  Leave a comment if you want my resume.

6) Get out to more conventions.
Didn't happen.  I've gotten more uncomfortable in crowds over the years, and what I've heard about traffic management and sheer size of crowds at other conventions has had me avoid some major ones.  That said, I do want to get out to some smaller cons in the future.

7) Enjoy life.
Overall?  I did.  Life happened.  I'm still alive.  I have two cats who enjoy being cuddled, though on their terms.  I have hobbies that keep me busy and I'm employable.  Life happened.

So long, 2014.

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