7 Feb 2013

Subject 13 #5 - Commentary

Again, go read the issue before continuing.

The past three issues have built up the setting, expanded the cast, and introduced plot elements.  A slow build up, but, like winter, a payoff is coming.

Issue #5 starts off with the Consortium, and sets out their plan.  And the title of the series should now make sense, even if it took five issues to get to the call out.  The Consortium has people who understand bureaucracy, too.  Bureaumancy isn't a superpower.

Nasty and her mother really do have problems.  Again, the view of their relationship has been one-sided, so the truth could be something else.  And, yes, Nasty has a potty-mouth.  I may have mentioned that I created the character while working as phone firewall for an ISP.  She got to say things I wasn't allowed to, especially to people who I really wanted to say it to.*

The big thing is Nasty's mother finally got a name!  Maria!  Nothing special about the name; I just figured an Italian Catholic would name her eldest daughter that.  Nothing special about the teacher's name, other than Nordberg comes from Police Squad and the subsequent Naked Gun movies.  Sometimes I can find a decent name; other times, I have to reach.  Nordberg was a character needed for the role of "English teacher" and not necessarily a major persona outside of allowing me to show off Nasty and Maria.  I could probably do an entire entry on how I go about naming characters at some point.

Nasty also does some flip-flopping.  To be fair, she had her reasons that seemed important at the time but now she wants to go back on them.  The confidence Nasty exudes is somewhat superficial at times, especially when she's out of her element.  Nasty can also be a little vindictive.  She's not a perfect person by any stretch.  She has a mean streak and will find ways to take it out on others.  Room for character growth, though.  Something that a serial drama needs.

Tia is a new character, at least for the series.  She was planned in advance, one part foil, one part, well, that comes out much, much later.  Eric returns, mainly because mushy!Nasty was fun to write.  Here, though, more depth.  Did I say Tia was a foil?  More rival, really, at least here.  Eric gets to be the apex of a love triangle and he's probably completely oblivious to it all.  And, with Nasty's emotions running hot already, what better time to ramp up the problem and have her fist flare?  (Hence, the title, partially.)

Tomorrow, Issue #6 hits the blog.  Saturday, look for my post at Fan To Pro as Lost in Translation looks at the upcoming Superman reboot and his origins, along with superhero origins in general.

 * She also got to hit people without getting into trouble, but that's out of scope for this issue.


  1. Actually, there's a couple more key points in #5 I think...
    -Not just the name, but the mention of Ms as opposed to Mrs. To this point, obviously(?) there wasn't a father where they lived, but this is the first time we know that he's not just away (or deceased?) it's a definite separation, if there ever was a union to begin with.
    -It's the first time Nasty actually seems rude without cause, to Tia. The football players and reporters seemed antagonistic to start, so that can be forgiven, and she seemed okay with her teachers and Eric. Sure we've HEARD about her rep for fighting, but we haven't seen her actually START anything... only finish it. Until now, where she seemed snarky to Tia for no particular reason. I grant the first mention of the "nickname" here does imply they have a history, but for once, it didn't feel like the person talking to Nasty was looking for a fight.

    One also does question a bit why all these students are wandering around without their parents, but they could be helping as guides or something.

    1. Ah, you noticed the use of Ms. :) Again, the full story will be coming out, but the events of Issue 30 have to be finished first.

      It is. I had realized that Nasty was having events happen to her and only mentioning her rep. She does have the rep for a reason, and that reason includes having a chip on her shoulder. Plus, Tia is a rival for Eric's attention, one that seems to have the upper hand so far. Nasty really doesn't handle some emotions well. (See also, Crossover, and what she does to a rival for Eric in that.)

      That is a very good question. I probably should have asked teachers and parents what the kids did during the interviews. But, Tia is very much into volunteering to help out at these sorts of events and she can easily talk Eric into helping her.

      Oh, and a little more on Nordberg. In the Naked Gun movies, he gets to be the victim of a number of accidents, including the opening of the first movie, where he fumbles his way into a drug bust, gets shot, electrocuted, burned, painted, and half-drowned in a comedic way. I may have been projecting a little.