7 Dec 2012

Writing - Where to Next?

NaNoWriMo is over for another year.  I now have the beginnings of a story, 50 160 words in.  What now?

As mentioned, I want to leave Beaver Flight fallow for a bit, to think it over, to let the ideas stew.  However, I just can't stop writing cold.  I'll fall out of the practice of sitting down and writing.

Fortunately, I have a few things to be done.  First, I need to get back to "Lost in Translation".  The reviews must flow.  Now is a matter of figuring out the adaptations to watch and see where I can get interesting tidbits.  The Addams Family should be on my list; from comic to feature film with a loving family that's just weird.  Should be up my alley.

Then there's editing my previous NaNo works.  I've gone through Crossover from 2008, getting it ready for submission somewhere.  (Where?  No idea.)  In the process of prepping it, I discovered that the tabbing is out of whack somewhere.  It'll take time to whack it back into a proper spot, even if carrots are needed.  Crossover seems to be holding up to re-reads during the editing process.  After Crossover, I have my NaNo 2010 project, By the Numbers, a Shadowrun story to clean up.  This one, I do hope to submit to Catalyst.  At the time, I wasn't happy with my progress, but rereading the story doesn't cause me to wince.

After that, I have some story ideas idling in the back of my head.  There's Karen's story that could be expanded.  I have an urban fantasy idea set out in British Columbia based on a game campaign that never really got going.  I have a detective story I've been working on during my commute on a Playbook.  I could even flesh out the Brazen Hussies and see where that takes me.

Indeed, I have choices, and plenty of time to work on them all at a leisurely pace over the next eleven months.  After that, it's NaNo all over again!


  1. It's always good to have a cool-down period after writing the first draft of something -- you get to step away and look at it again with far less self-justifying eyes.

  2. I agree. The mind needs to return to normal. And, yeah, time helps make the works look better while letting the errors appear.

    I doubt I'll get to Beaver Flight any time soon, unless I can figure out a proper approach for it. I won't bar short stories in the setting, though.