29 Jan 2016

Crossover Epilogue

Natasha heard the door to the visitor's booth lock behind her.  She sat down on the lone beige plastic chair in the stark room.  A stray lock of red hair fell in front of her bandages and eyes.  She tried to blow it out of the way, but the wild lock stayed dangling.  The door on the visitor's side opened.  Natasha glanced over and saw a tall man wearing a well made business suit enter.  She kept watching as he set his briefcase on the ledge on his side of the Plexiglas.  "What's all this?" she asked.

The tall man ignored the question as he opened the carry-all and brought out an electronic device.  He flicked a switch on the side.  The device began humming.  "There.  We should be able to talk privately now."

"I don't talk to strangers unless they have something really interesting to listen to."

"I would hope leaving this prison is interesting enough for you."

"Keep talking."

"You're not the only one to run into one Natasha Teresa Giuliano.  I represent a consortium of individuals and groups who have dealt with her in the past.  However, she is not important.  You could be, if you're smart."

"I was smart enough to have my own syndicate back home.  What can you offer me?  Who are you?"

"I am known as the Coordinator."

Natasha held up her hands, showing the tall man the power nullifying cuffs binding her arms.  "Forgive me for not shaking your hand right now."

"Not a problem.  I can have those off you and you on the street again."


"First, you tell me if you can work with a group, can follow instructions but still have initiative to ignore them when they're no longer useful, and can plan ahead."

Natasha shrugged.  "That's not difficult."

"For some people, it's the hardest thing they can commit to.  Do you want out of here?"

"It'd be nice to get away from the mouth breathers, yes."

"My offer, in return for getting you released, is to bring you in as an agent of the Consortium.  In return, you must forgo running any sort of independent operation, especially any that may work at cross-purposes with the Consortium, and must act only as instructed and not out of vengeance.  Now, there may be opportunities for you to take advantage of an assignment to indulge, but the Consortium's needs must come first.  Can you handle that?"

"Do you really think I want vengeance on my counterpart?"  Natasha sneered.  "She has to be herself.  Seems vengeance enough.  I certainly don't need her.  So, yes.  I can indeed handle those stipulations."

"Excellent.  I will become your lawyer.  I've already started working on a plea bargain.  You tell the court everything you know about your former teammates' plot to attack this world and you walk away free.  Well, community service, but that's easily hand-waved."

Natasha leaned forward in her chair.  "When can I leave?"

"Two weeks.  The District Attorney is a little backed up right now, but I'm sure you can keep yourself clean while you're in here for that period."

Natasha smiled.  "Two weeks?  Child's play, Mr. Coordinator.  I look forward to working with you."

Consortium Database Supplemental
Subject 13a
Name:        Natasha Teresa Giuliano
Birthdate:   October 23
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York (see also file:\\FS16735-1\Subjects\13\13a\Dimensional_Notes.pdf)
Sex:            Female
    Eyes:     Brown
    Hair:     Red
    Distinguishing Marks:
        None.  Please note the differences between Subjects 13 and 13a in this context.

    Mother:  Maria Francesca Giuliano (presumed)
    Father:    Unknown

Paranormal Abilities:
Generation and projection of energy blasts of undetermined nature out to a maximum effective range of 250 metres.  Said blasts are produced from a sheath covering both of subject's arms.  Testing should be performed to discover if the energy sheath can be extended to cover her entire body.

Other Notes:
Subject 13a does not have Subject 13's anger management problems and is less likely to start or join a fight.  According to Subject 13a, she and Subject 13 are compliments of each other in terms of abilities and personality.  Subject 13a should be easier to control and has shown desire to progress through the ranks as an agent.  Recommend full training regiment including leadership and management courses.

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