7 Jan 2016

Crossover Chapter 20 - Commentary

Time for a breather and see just how battered everyone is.  Please read the chapter before continuing.

Nasty finally came out and talked to Eric.  She realized in chapter 15 that she was denying her feelings.  That realization wound up triggering the big fight.  With the fight over, the two teens now get to try ot resolve their unresolved sexual tension.  Nasty's a little out of it; she's probably going into shock and the adrenaline is wearing off.  Will the relationship last?  Through high school, but not likely too far beyond.  They're each other's first significant other, so they're going to make mistakes.

Vicki still has issues about not being recognized as Pixie.  She has an effective power, but she's tiny.  Pixie just doesn't show up well on film, especially not when the camera operator is also trying to get a giant girl in the same frame.  Such is the life of the tiniest of the Youth Brigade.  Richard got to give the ironic line; that's what secret IDs are for.

The return of Boob Girl, as Meredith calls her, wasn't planned, but was a dangling bit that needed to be wrapped up.  Naomi, last seen in chapter 10, had been given the grand tour of the Yugo.  I do have plans for Naomi, but those hinge on actually getting around to writing the Protoype Alpha serial.

The loose ends are being tied up, mostly.  How, well, that's for the next few chapters.

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