14 Jan 2016

Crossover Chapter 21 - Commentary

It's a brand new day.  Please read the chapter before continuing.

I did absolutely no research for the first part of the chapter.  I probably should have checked on hospital procedures in the US, especially considering that healthcare there isn't a matter of showing a health card and waiting for treatment.  I should have looked up the treatment of dislocated shoulders and whether painkillers would be prescribed.  Instead, I went with the flow.  I needed Nasty back at the hotel with her arm in a sling.  Probably overkill for the shoulder, but the sling works to show that she was injured and is recovering.  I did keep in mind triage; Natasha was far more injured than Nasty was, with a possible concussion at the very least.

Something I don't know if it's noticeable, but I have Nasty make an effort to refrain from swearing around Eric.  She is trying to impress him, so she tries to clean up her language.  The puddle of goo she turns into after the kiss might not have been noticed by Eric, but it was by Micki.  A giddy Nasty is outside normal experiences.

Micki's comment about clichés reflects the level of genre savviness the average person might have in a superheroic universe.  That person lives in a world where costumed crooks and caped crusaders fight each other, where would-be world conquerors lurk and scheme, and where dimensional breaches are a possibility.  To what degree would the average person accept, "I was kidnapped by my evil look-alike and held in an alternate dimension," as an excuse?

Vicki really needed someone from her supporting cast around.  She got the short shrift, so to speak.  No one to confide in, no one explaining, just her thrust into the middle of a plot.  Fortunately, Sandra, aka Kid Inscrutable and the leader of the Youth Brigade, has ways to call without needing a phone.  Today, Sandra would just send Vicki the link to the video online instead of recording, though it's always nice to have a copy of the video around.

The Naomi sub-subplot wraps up.  I'll leave it to the audience to imagine what Keith and Naomi did all night.  Meredith has her own ideas, though she's not awake enough to entertain them enough at Keith's expense.  The Yugo, well, it's not a big car.  It was a compact import, so leg space is there  for sitting, not sleeping.  Need a car to sleep in?  Try one of the American muscle cars from the 60s.  The Chev Impala sleeps two comfortably, three if someone sleeps in the trunk.

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