31 Dec 2015

Crossover Chapter 19 - Commentary

The fight ends!  Please read the chapter before continuing.

This is where Omega's third arm appeared, when he opened the weapons port.  Moving the port to the shoulder was a minor edit that still let me keep most of what I had without the undeclared third arm.  The explosions along Omega are from the emergency escape system built into the armour.  Safe to say that Meredith managed to knock Omega silly.  And what better way to signal that one fight is over than with an explosion?

Nasty wound up dealing with Tori after working out all her frustrations on Natasha.  I realized that Nasty might not stop beating up her counterpart unless she had a reason to focus on someone else.  Thus, the switch over to Tori.  Vicki was having problems dealing with her counterpart, mainly because of the powers in play.  Nasty's, though, is one that neither Vicki nor Tori have immunity to.  Vicki might be able to dodge Nasty's blow; Tori is just too big to avoid it.

Vicki, while having problems with her own counterpart, has no problems against the others'.  Natasha could have been dealt with sooner, but Vicki wasn't about to get in between her and Nasty.  Omega, now outside his armour, is a regular person.  His armour may have had enough breaches in it to let the Pixie Dust in by the time Meredith was done with him.

The fight's over, the villains are rounded up, but the story isn't done yet.  There are still a few dangling plot points to clean up.  The next few chapters will clean things up a bit.

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