18 Dec 2015

Crossover Chapter 18

Featuring Subject 13, Prototype Alpha, and Pixie of Youth Brigade
The following chapter has scenes of violence and course language.  It's a superhero battle featuring a heroine with a smart mouth.
Parking lot, Hank Cheetas, Cleveland, evening

Nasty grabbed a chunk of broken asphalt off the ground and threw it sidearm at Natasha.  She turned to the figure in the power armour, only hearing her double's cry of pain.  "I'll give you noise," she growled.  She sprang at Omega's arm, her hand blazing with purple.  With a leap, she struck up at the arm aiming at Prototype Alpha.  The purple energy flashed on contact.  Omega's arm jolted as the railgun fired.

Omega's headpiece swivelled around to look at Nasty.  "Do you have a death wish?"

"Just a bad temper."  Nasty dove between Omega's armoured legs.  She rolled on the ground before getting back to her feet.  "What's your problem?"  She jumped on his back.

"You're only delaying the inevitable."

"So are you."  Nasty climbed up to between Omega's shoulders.  She pressed her charged hand to the back of the armoured aggressor's helmet.  The small explosion sent his head forward.

Omega reached behind him, trying to grab the girl on his back.  He turned his torso back and forth.  Nasty remained in place.  "Natasha, shoot her already!"

Natasha raised a heavy arm.  "Stop moving, you idiot!"

Nasty smacked a charged palm on the back of Omega's head.  The blow caused him to stagger wildly.

"Stand still!"  Natasha took her shot.  Omega twisted, taking the brunt of the energy blast.

The armoured figure reeled momentarily before recovering.  He reached back again, this time grabbing Nasty with a massive gauntlet.  "Get off of me!"  Omega pulled hard and threw the red haired girl into a the side of a van.

Nasty bounced off the van, leaving behind a dent and a spider-webbed window.  She rolled on the ground.  Her vision dimmed.  She fought to stay conscious.  Pain stabbed from her left shoulder.  Her left arm hung wrong as she struggled to sit up.  The ground beneath her shook as Omega walked with a heavy gate to stand over her.  Nasty looked up at the armour.  She spat into its faceplate.

Omega raised an arm to strike the heroine.  "Any final words?"

"Yeah.  Two.  'Fuck' and 'you'."

"I'll make sure your epitaph is marked appropriately."  Omega brought his fist down.


Parking lot, Hank Cheetas, Cleveland, evening

"Keith, how much longer?"  Meredith watched below as Nasty took on the ironclad.  "He's going to turn her into a pancake if I don't help her!"

"Alpha, I can't give you an exact ETA when nothing like this has been done before."

A shimmer wavered close to the ground.  Meredith glanced at the power reserves meter.  "Keith, I'm down more than two hours of battery life."

"They're feeding energy into the breech, still."

Meredith watched the redhead smash into the van, watched Omega stomp over, watched as the heavy gauntlet got cocked, ready to pulp Nasty.  "I can't wait anymore.  Shunt the power into the strength enhancers."


"Now, Keith!"  Meredith kicked in the ionic jets.  She dove in between Nasty and Omega's fist, catching the gauntlet.  "Peregrine, go!"

"Strength enhancers on," Keith reported.

Omega pushed the flying heroine down.  Meredith touched down, still holding on to her armoured opponent's fist.  "Fine," he growled.   "I wanted to finish you off first."

"Keith, take over the controls.  My hands are full."  Meredith pushed back.  She smiled at Omega.  "You're going to have to work for it."  The BIKINI's force field turned bluer and bluer.  Meredith saw the ionic flow along her arms grow as she resisted Omega's own strength.  Servo motors whined as Omega pushed his armour against Meredith's.  The BIKINI's force field crackled as it resisted.  Blue light shimmering around Meredith cast a shadows behind her opponent.  "Stalemate," the brunette remarked.

"You have a power limit."

"So do you."

"I won't get crushed if mine cuts out."

"I've got a better cleavage than you."


"You heard me.  Your armour tells me your overcompensating.  Mine says, 'Look at me!'  Jealous?"

"Stop jabbering!"  Omega pushed harder.

Meredith smiled.  "Keith, reverse the flow in my left arm.   Just my left arm."

"Are you insane?" Keith called back.  "I don't know what that's going to do to the circuits."

"Yes, I am insane.  Do it!"

For a brief moment, Meredith's left arm felt like it was being crushed lengthwise.  The ion flow changed course, retreating along her arm.  Meredith shifted, putting her strength into pulling Omega's arm with her left and pushing with her right.  "Hey, Omega, how does collapsed titanium do when dealing with stress, strain, and torsion while being bathed in electrons?"

Metal screamed as it tore apart.  A crack appeared at the elbow joint.  The fracture grew, cutting across the arm.   Omega tried to pull back, but the arm ripped apart.  "No!"   Hydraulic fluid leaked out on the pavement.  Severed wires sparked.

"There's half the admittance fee to cross over to our universe."  Meredith hefted the arm.  She jumped into the air, ionic jets kicking in to let her hover.   "Let's see if I can collect the leg."  Meredith swung the arm like a baseball bat.  She connected on the side of Omega's torso; the clang of titanium hitting titanium echoed off the restaurant's walls.


Parking lot, Hank Cheetas, Cleveland, evening

Vicki flew low, darting between cars, as she tried to escape Tori.  Her giant double just crushed the vehicles, not caring about the destruction she caused.  "I'm going to get you, insect," Tori boomed.

"You and what army?"  Vicki flew beneath a Ford pickup truck.  As she emerged on the other side, Tori's foot landed in front of her.

"I don't need an army to deal with you."  Tori picked up the truck and tossed it aside.  "Just me."

"Is that before or after I'm done with you?"  Nasty stood behind the giant blond, holding her left arm close to her body with her right.

Tori turned around.  "I'll stomp you into the ground first, then."

Nasty let go of her arm.  Her first flared with energy.  "Bring it, bitch."

Vicki flew to Nasty's side.  "You're hurt."

"I'll deal with her.  Go get my twin."

See the determination in Nasty's expression, Vicki flitted away, gaining altitude so she could find Natasha.  The parking lot was a shambles; no car remained unscratched.  Prototype Alpha fought with Omega, a bizarre club in her hands.  Vicki found Natasha trying to skulk away toward a shimmering field in the air.  "Oh, no, you don't."  Angling her wings, Vicki dove down, gaining speed.  "Hey!" she called.  "You're not going anywhere!"  Natasha turned around.  Vicki stopped short on seeing the girl's face.  Drying blood from her nose, bruises forming on her jaw and forehead, a blackened eye.  "What train ran into you?"

"Shut up!"  Natasha fired a blast of purple in Vicki's general direction.  "I'm not going anywhere.  I'm bringing my army through!  I will have my day!"

"Peregrine must have hit you in the head too often.  You and what army, again?"

Natasha pointed at the shimmering ring.  Behind the ring, a formation of troops lined up, Merry in the lead.  "There!"

Vicki flew over Natasha's head.  "Too bad you won't be leading them today."  She dropped some silver dust.  Natasha fought against sleep, but lost, falling to the ground.   Vicki turned her attention to the opening breech.  "This is going to be a long night."

Next Time:
Gingerly, Tori lifted the leg up, testing it, making sure it could support her current weight.  "I'm going to squash you like a bug!"

Meredith planted her face into the palm of her hand.  "We're going to work on priorities later.  Where's the breakthrough point?"

"Face it.  You are totally owned."

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