10 Dec 2015

Crossover Chapter 16 - Commentary

The combatants have paired off.  Please read the chapter before continuing.

For the fight, I rotated between the pairs of counterparts, allowing me to show their differences.  With Nasty and Natasha, the difference in their fighting styles should be apparents.  Nasty is a scrapper, getting in close and just hitting.  Natasha's approach is to shoot from a distance, avoiding the melee as much as possible.  Their personalities are also in opposition.  I'm sure Natasha speaks for many people when she tells Nasty to stop swearing.  Both versions have tricks they use with their powers.  Nasty's energy touch has appeared before.  Natasha's energy sheath is a more extensive variant of Nasty's touch; it came from Natasha not wanting to have to fight for long up close and personal.

Meredith is using Spider-Man's approach to fighting - keep the banter up enough to distract the opponent until the decisive blow can be landed.  She's also using psychological warfare; Meredith knows her Keith well; Omega is not acting at all like him.  The designs of the suits of power armour even show the different mindsets.  Keith's approach was to create a suit that could be hidden, to keep the intended wearer, law enforcement, from being threatening.  Omega, however, is out for intimidation.  The fight is one of finesse versus brute force.  Omega has missiles and machine guns.  Meredith uses pinpoint accuracy.

The fight between Vicki and Tori is also one of finesse against brute strength, with the added size difference.  Both girls are immune to Vicki's Pixie Dust, which added an extra level of complexity.  Vicki's power could end a fight before it started, as seen in chapter 1.  In this fight, Vicki could deal with Natasha without a problem, except Nasty doesn't need help.  Omega, though, is in sealed power armour, and, as mentioned, Tori's immune.  This means I now have to figure out what a doll-sized girl could do to fight a giant double of herself.  Somehow, during the writing of Crossover, Tori lost some intelligence.  I'm sure if she had time to think, she'd realize just how silly Vicki sounded with the "your momma" comment.

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