9 Apr 2014

Project Natasha - Traveller

This is the first of the Project Natasha series.  The goal is to test out games using Nasty from Subject 13.  Today's game is Mongoose Traveller.

According to the ground rules as posted in the intro, I need to create Natasha so that she matches as much as possible Nasty in Subject 13, a teenaged Earth girl with anger management issues.  Traveller, especially the Third Imperium setting, is set 3600 years into the future.  In the Third Imperium, Earth is the former capital of the Solomani Confederation and is being held by the Imperium after a viscious war between the two interstellar entities.  Its high tech nature and its being held captive doesn't work to keep Natasha close to how she was portrayed.  Some changes are needed.

The Natasha for today comes from a Pre-Stellar garden world, one that is highly populated and on the verge of looking beyond its solar system.  This world, whose natives call Soil in their many languages, has no central government.  The Universal Planetary Profile for the world is E867974-7, which breaks down as follows:
Starport E; a paved piece of land that is used for launches.
Size 8; or roughly 12 800km in diameter.
Atmosphere 6; Standard.
Hydrographics 7; approximately 70% of the world's surface is covered by water.
Population 9; the magnitude of the population is ten raised to the ninth power, specifically, seven billion people.
Government 7; Balknaized, no central government.
Law Level 4; not too restrictive, though individual nations may be higher or lower due to the lack of unified government.
Tech Level 7; Pre-stellar, though there are glimpses of the next Tech Level appearing.
Since Traveller uses travel and trade codes to determine starting skill, I need to work out what Soil has to offer:
Garden; Soil is very Earth-like.
Well, that was quick.  The small number of trade and travel codes means Natasha will have a greater choice on starting skills.

Normally in Traveller, the attributes are rolled randomly.  However, since I'm modelling a character, I will instead choose the values based on what has happened in the series.  For all attributes, human average is 7, maximum at the beginning of character creation is 12, minimum at creation is 2, and the range is from 1 to 15.
Strength 9/+1
Dexterity 8/+0
Endurance A/+1
Intelligence 7/+0
Education 5/-1
Social Standing 4/-1
Natasha has good physical stats, but not necessarily the best.  At the same time, she hasn't shown herself to be particularly intelligent, nor has she shown herself to be stupid.  The 5 in Education represents a high school level of knowledge; since Natasha is in high school, it made sense.  Social Standing is low; Nasty in Subject 13 is the daughter of a single mother making ends meet through manual labour and cleaning.  As Jessica, Nasty's apparent Social Standing is far higher, but she has to work to maintain it.

For starting skills, Natasha gets three plus her Education modifier, leaving her with just two.  One is taken up by her homeworld's skill; residents of Garden worlds get Animals at skill level 0.  Natasha then takes Languages 0, to help represent that she speaks a smattering of Italian thanks to her background.

This brings Natasha to age 18 and ready to start a career.  To go further would mean aging her beyond what the ground rules allow.  Traveller was not the best game to use to model her.  The game's focus is experienced people who are adventuring after serving time in a career, not to start as a teen and grow.  The game reflects the science fiction of its time, where to even think about going into space required extensive training.  If I placed her on the Third Imperium's Earth, she would lose her Languages skill to take Computers instead.

Natasha, the character sheet.  If you do use her as a PC or an NPC, let me know how it works out!
Natasha Giuliano   89A754
Homeworld: Soil (E867974-7 Garden, Gas Giant)

  Animals 0
  Languages 0

Cr 0

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