15 Apr 2014

Project Natasha - School Daze

Welcome back to Project Natasha, where the goal is to take Nasty from Subject 13 and model her under different RPGs.  The intro has the full details, but, short form, I need to keep as close as possible to how she appears in the issues of /Subject 13/, that is, a high school student with anger management issues, with her power punch added if the game provides for it.

Last installment's modelling left Natasha short on skills and experience.  The problem was that the game focused on experienced adults, not teenagers.  Today's game, School Daze, removes the issue.  Set in high school, PCs in School Daze game are teenagers trying to deal with life, whether the setting is Buffy: the Vampire Slayer or Glee.  While Nasty does have a superpower, her biggest challenges has been trying to deal with her classmates.

Character creation is quick, with only five steps; choose a name, choose a favourite subject, choose a rank, choose a motivation, and choose three relationships.  First step is already done with Natasha.  Looking over the list of school subjects, Natasha takes Industrial Arts as her favourite subject, representing her love of mechanics.  The third step, choose a rank, takes a bit of work.  Checking the list of Ranks, Shank and Tank look good.  Natasha isn't clumsy, though, so Shank works best for her.  Natasha's motivation has always been to protect the weaker, even before getting her power punch.  The last step is to choose three relationships important to Natasha.  The first is her mother, Maria.  The relationship is rocky; they'd probably get along far better if they didn't have to share living space, but neither have that option just yet.  The second is Eric, Natasha's crush.  It's not so much that they have a relationship but Natasha would love to have one but has no idea how to get the message across.  The last relationship is Tia, a rival for Eric's attention, one who has the upper hand at that.

That's it.  Nice and simple creation system.  The power punch is left out again, the game doesn't have that focus, though it could be added along the lines of the suggestions for "From Whom the Bell Trolls".  School Daze does do a better job at modelling Natasha than Traveller did last time.  This is due to the focus of School Daze, teenagers in high school getting into hijinks, which fits Subject 13 far better than space adventuring.

Natasha' s character sheet.  If you wish to play her, go ahead, but please tell me how it goes.
Name: Natasha Giuliano
Favourite Subject: Industrial Arts
Ranks: Shank
Motivation: Protect the Weaker
    Maria - mother
    Eric - crush
    Tia - rival

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