7 Apr 2014

Project Natasha - Intro

Something new I want to try in an intermittent series, Project Natasha.  The idea is that I take Nasty from Subject 13 and test out character creation of various RPGs using her.  The exercise is two-fold.  One, it lets me see what the scope of a game is.  It is possible that Nasty cannot be created well in a game.  Just because she can't be recreated doesn't mean there's a problem with the game; it just means that Nasty falls out of the scope of the game.  Two, it lets me delve into Nasty's head a bit and fill out areas that I might not even know about now.  The more I know a character, the easier it is to write with her or him.  I will know how the character will react even if the situation is unusual.

The ground rules I'm using is that I need to try to keep as close as possible to how she appears in Subject 13, a teenaged girl from Earth who has been in a number of fights.  If the game I'm using allows for it, I must add in her power punch; otherwise, it can be ignored.  If I must age her, I must keep her age as close as possible to being a teen.  There will be games that build a character up through life stages.  For those games, I can go a little further, especially if the game requires an older character.

Like I said above, the series will be intermittent.  It will depend on time factors, mainly whether I have time to sit down and work out details.  Some games have faster character creation than others; point-buy systems tend to take longer by nature than random generation.

First up, Traveller.

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