2 Jan 2014

Lethal Ladies #21 - Commentary

As always, please read the chapter first.

The first scene continues the car chase from the previous chapter.  I worked out what I needed to keep the story going, though even that won't be enough, as will be seen over the coming chapters.  When I wrote this part, though, I didn't have a map of St. Louis handy.  The location I worked out prior to posting the chapter here, not while writing.  So, whether the roads, the sidewalks, the traffic, or the alley exist or not in reality, they exist in the story.  The story needs them.  I pushed Amber's driving skills a bit.

The Wal-Mart of the next scene doesn't exist, at least not in St. Louis.  The store number appears to be in Hawaii.  One of the odd things about Wal-Mart, to me at least, is that it carries firearms.  In Soviet Canuckistan, hunting weapons aren't typically sold at The Bay[link] or similar.  Rifles are more Canadian Tire, a hardware and automotive store, or for specialty shops specific to hunting and fishing.  And yet, even the Canadian Wal-Marts sell hunting goods.  Naturally, Sergei doesn't have to use his shadow network to get the ammunition; he can get it from stock.  Meanwhile, Rose isn't happy about the hand cannon.  Her preferences run smaller.

The last scene of the chapter has the younger Ladies in trouble.  Amber doesn't do distress well; she is too active.  She's already sassing her captors.  The upcoming chapters will show what happens as a result.  Of course, last time these Ladies were handcuffed, Allison managed to get loose.  But, remember all my comments the past few weeks about the building climax?  Still building.  I had delayed the end, but a scene like this, with the closing line I used, still means an end is coming, too soon.

Tomorrow, Rose and Elena prepare.
Saturday, over at MuseHack, Lost in Translation looks at adaptations in 2014.
Coming soon, prep work for a new serial, Traveller planets, and Shadowrun characters.

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