1 Jan 2014

... and Hello 2014!


Welcome, 2014.  Make yourself comfortable.  You're here for a while.

My plans, and they are plans and not resolutions, for the coming year:

1) Get Lost in Translation compiled, cleaned up, and bookified.  Yes, I am planning on publishing the reviews and essays I've posted at MuseHack, at least as an e-book.  People have been telling me that I could even go all hardcopy, so that's an added plus.

2) Clean up at least one completed NaNoWriMo project for publication.  Top two right now are 2008's Crossover, based on the Subject 13-verse, and 2010's By the Numbers, a Shadowrun tie-in novel.  The latter is more limited to where I can submit; there's too many serial numbers to even think of filing off.

3) Start a new serial for Fridays.  Lethal Ladies will be ending in the spring, so I'll need a replacement.  Look for the prep work in the coming weeks.

4) Figure out how to incorporate more pictures in the blog.  The serials might not go that way; I can't draw consistently enough or fast enough to keep up with the pace I'm maintaining.  I am in awe of people who can.  If I can get people to dress up as my characters, then maybe photos will get added to the serials.

5) Save money for the inevitable end of my contract.  Reality ensues.  Having been on EI and worse, it'll be nice to have a cushion.

6) Get out to more conventions.  I'm usually at CanGames and I do want to go back to CanCon.  I'm thinking about getting out to at least one out-of-town convention, ideally to hook up with other MuseHack contributors.

7) Enjoy life.

Happy New Year!

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