28 Mar 2013

Subject 13 #12 - Commentary

Again, if you haven't read the issue, go now.  Spoilers and coherency abound!

The issue picks up where issue 11 left off.  Nasty's previous experience with actually using her power punch involved first a football player then a coffee table.  Now, she's destroyed a test dummy.  She's now a loaded weapon without a safety.  Nasty also reacts predictably when told to calm down - an f-bomb of anger.  However, she did figure out how her hand turns off.  All she has to do is remain calm and collected.

Yes, she's going to have to work hard on that.

Meanwhile, Maria gets to relive her lost years as she dresses up to head out clubbing.  Freedom!  On the surface, though.  A little deeper, she does miss her daughter.  Just because they can't live under the same roof without triggering World War III doesn't mean they don't love each other.  Family gets complicated.  Sometimes, space is what is needed.

Back at the Consortium, elevator problems and trust issues abound.  Nasty isn't sure of her new teammates but can't put her finger on it.  She does open up enough with Jackson to explain the relationship she has with her motorcycle.  It's one part exit strategy, one part mind clearer, one part exploration vessel.  Not mentioned, but will come up in later issues, is that Nasty maintains her motorcycle.  Her part-time job is at a garage doing scutwork and paperwork, and any downtime she has is spent learning at the side of the mechanics.  She went from mascot to unofficial apprentice.

The end part is an assessment on Nasty's capabilities.  If you go back to issue 2, you'll see Subject 2's power, the ability to resist being damaged.  He's bulletproof.  And he thinks that Nasty might hurt him.

Tomorrow, Subject 13 #13 will be up.
Saturday, since I wound up reviewing Clue instead of Paragon Lost last week, this week is the Mass Effect animated feature.
Still to come, more NaNoWriMo prep work.

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