31 Jan 2013

Subject 13 #4 - Commentary

As usual, go read the issue before continuing on here.

The title deserves a note here.  A scrum is a crowd of journalists crowding around a subject, typically a politician who doesn't bother with press conferences.  In this case, I coupled it with the phrase "scum of the earth".  Other than that, no extra meaning.

The first three scenes show reaction to Nasty's television appearance from Issue 3.  The first shows the football players who aren't Tommy and the injured player.  The second scene is from Eric's view, going to show that Nasty's point-of-view isn't necessarily accurate.  The third is from the Consortium, who now know who they're seeking.

After that, Nasty is doing everything she can to get her mother (still nameless, though by now, I did have a name for her) to the school.  Now, again, it does look like Nasty's mother drinks heavily.  However, again, this is Nasty's point of view.  But, yes, her mother drinks heavily.  It'll be shown better later, though.

Next, well, the Consortium did send out Subjects 4 and 7.  Here they are.  A quick glimpse into their personalities, and, much to the consternation of Nasty's mother, they get names.  At this rate, people are going to wonder if Nasty's mom is a redshirt.  Then we go back to Nasty.  Hey, the Feds are involved now.  Some subtle foreshadowing, and end issue.

The last bit is Subject 4.  You might want to note his powers.


  1. You mentioned backfilling the Subjects from #13 - was it intentional or a fluke that #4 gets the mention here, when we first see him? Though the telepathy was practically stated in his scene with Elly.

    Also, pretty much all Natasha's mother has said has involved drinking (or berating her daughter). So, point of view or not, it's the dialogue that's damning her. Also, heh on names.

  2. It was a fluke. I think I got the idea for having the files around #6, then did the backfilling. It just worked out well for #4.

    I noticed that problem and gave Maria scenes later to balance out her drinking and not so great parenting. Little details are coming out, but, after the big event around Issue 30 is resolved, I'll be dealing with Nasty and her mother properly.

    The hardest thing I had in the early issues is getting the names of the characters out in a natural manner. A lot of the parents are still "Erik's [mom|dad]" or "Tia's [mom|dad]".