17 Jan 2013

Subject 13 #2 - Commentary

Back in Issue #1, Nasty gained her power, an energy punch she wound up using on a classmate and on her mother's coffee table.  Issue #2 starts where Issue #1 ended, with Nasty blowing a hole in the coffee table.

I used Issue #2 to show Nasty's reaction to getting her power and to expand her world.  I wanted to show that's she more than a violent, foul-mouthed teenager.  I also wanted to show that she sees herself as an outsider at her school.  She's also at a private school, adding a little mystery.

I tried to make sure that the injured linebacker wasn't just brushed off.  Nasty did serious damage to him in Issue #1.  He didn't bounce right back.  Nasty's "power punch" carries a wallop, enough to seriously hurt a normal human.  There's now a rough scale for when Nasty uses her power against a supervillain.

The scene with Nasty and her teacher shows that Nasty isn't always confident, that she has areas where she is unsure of herself.  I wanted to give her some humanity, again, to show that she's not just a ball of anger waiting to explode.

The last bit before the personnel file introduces my main villain.  Most superheroes have at least one recurring villain: Superman has Lex Luthor, Thor has Loki, Darkwing Duck has Negaduck.  Here, then, is the beginnings of Nasty's recurring Rogue's Gallery.  More about these people will come out, and they do act in fields where Nasty herself isn't able.

Issue #3, "Crushed", will be posted Friday.

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