24 Jan 2013

Subject 13 #3 - Commentary

Once again, go read "Crushed" before you continuing.  You'll be glad you did.

Still more world-building in this issue, as Nasty's school gets fleshed out a little more.  Also introduced, a love interest, because almost all superheroes have love interests.  Really, Superman has Lois Lane, Spider-Man has Gwen Stacy and Mary-Jane Watson, Mr. Fantastic has The Invisible Woman.*  Naturally, Nasty needs someone, too.  Humanizes her even more.  Thus, Eric, a classmate.  Right now, the interest is one-sided.  Nasty's other weakness, socialization, is shown.  Isn't young love fun to watch, when you're not involved?

Then the fallout from beating up the football players returns.  Powered people show up and hurt someone, naturally it's going to make the evening news.  The name of the reporter isn't significant; same goes for the channel number.  It's a fictional station, deliberately done.  The full name of Nasty's school is finally revealed, WH Seward, and, like the TV station, is also fictional.  However, the name is taken from a governor of New York State, William H. Seward, who seemed to be a good choice to name a private school after.

The end brings us back to the evil organization, who now knows who the girl was trying to help their driver.  They have plans, plans that they haven't revealed, even to me.  The organization loosely based off the different ones from comics and cartoons, like Cobra, AIM, and Hydra, with a dash of Across from Excel Saga.  Essentially, my so far evil organization, the Consortium, was going to take over the world, but do it slowly by getting its tentacles into everything and starting small-ish.  Right now, it has a good sway over things in New England, especially New York.

Tomorrow, Issue #4, "Scrum of the Earth"

* Note, I didn't mention anything about Batman and Robin.

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