27 Dec 2018

The Elf's Prisoner - Commentary 9

The required shopping trip, in The Elf's Prisoner Chapter 9.

Yeah, I had Wren and Jyslyn go shopping.  It's not what they did, but what happened as they did it.  Wren is excited for reasons covered in an earlier chapter.  Not everyone in Wildwood is as excited to have a dark elf in town.  Kaleena isn't completely convinced, but is warming up, also as seen in other chapters.  Tersial represents the common Wildwood citizen, not in the know of what's going on.  Wren's story is well known; she was the sole survivor of her village.  She hasn't spoke since then, so her opening up is a major event, even if she's shopping for one of the Accursed.

The key point in the chapter was establishing a relationship between Wren and Jyslyn.  This is Wren's first time getting some character definition beyond being the reason why Jyslyn's execution was stayed.  She lives simply; a small apartment, simple cooking.  Wren also is forcing Jyslyn to look at things in a different way.  This idea will be getting expanded on in later chapters.

Wildwood, as mentioned before, is in the trees.  Everyone who lives there is used to being off the ground.  Even Nyssa and Leomund aren't so weirded out by it.  After all, multi-storey buildings do exist.  Jyslyn, though, comes from underground.  Claustrophobia isn't an issue for her.  Being off the ground, though, is a new sensation.  Even with multi-level dwellings, there's always solid rock beneath her feat, not wood.  She has never seen the level below except when on stairs.  So, Jyslyn has a bit of acrophobia.  Enough to give her pause, at least.

Jyslyn also has to get used to being in the sun.  As someone who has pale skin - really, transluscent is a skin colour - the sun is not my friend.  I have had bad sunburns in the past, so I tend to avoid the sun as much as possible.  Jyslyn gets to be the bearer of all that experience.  She's been on the surface once before, at night.  Daylight is not her friend, at least not yet.  It'll take time,  Until then, she will have to cover up.  She'll have to cover up for other reasons, too, like being one of the Accursed, but the sun will be the main reason for now.

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