14 Dec 2018

The Elf's Prisoner - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

New evidence came to light, staying Jyslyn's execution.
East Gate, Wildwood, the Sylvan Forest
Kazimier arrived at the East Gate behind Kaleena.  An old human woman in riding leathers lay on the wooden floor of the gate with a young human boy.  The woman's thigh was oozing along a wound.  Kazimier pushed the Watch members out of his way to kneel down beside the woman.  He pulled the ripped leather out of the way to get a better look at the wound.  A foul smell struck him.  "Poisoned."

"I don't understand you," the boy said in the human tongue.

Switching languages so the humans could understand, Kazimier said, "We need to get the woman to the temple grove.  Her wound is infected, and the poison isn't helping."


The old woman patted the boy's arm.  "Leo, they're helping.  Get our things off the horses and find a place to sleep."

"Yes, ma'am."  The boy didn't move.

"Kaleena, I need her moved.  She can be carried."

"I will walk, thank you very much," the old woman said.

Kazimier pointed at her wound.  "No, you cannot.  Kaleena."

The Captain of the Watch had three of her people lift the woman.  Together, they brought injured human through the walkways of Wildwood.  The temple grove, a small clump of trees growing intertwined with each other, had several alcoves.  Kazimier directed the group into the nearest.  The Watch set down the injured woman, then cleared away to give the priest room to work.

Kazimier cut the leather around the wound, pulling it away.  "Who were you fighting?"

"Bandits.  Human bandits."  The woman grimaced.  "Happened four days ago."

"Lay still."  Kazimier straightened.  "Kaleena, I need healing poultices.  They should be a level up, far side from where we are now."

Kaleena dashed out of the alcove, almost bowling over Jyslyn and Wren.  Jyslyn held up Kazimier's backpack.  "You have some of the salve left," the dark elf said.

The human stared at the newcomers.  "That poison is affecting me more than I thought.  That is the darkest tan I've seen on an elf."

"It's not a tan."  Kazimier received his backpack.  He pulled out the salve.  "This will help with the pain and start the healing.  I'll still need the poultice to draw the poison out.  It could hurt a little."

The woman laughed.  "Better than hurting a lot."

Kazimier spread the salve around the woman's wound.  She gasped, but held still.  "Just rest," Kazimier instructed.  "You should feel a difference soon."

"I'll need to speak with your Council."

"The Matriarchs may not be available."

The woman eyed Jyslyn.  "They're discussing your dark elf.  Plots are afoot, my boy."

"She's not mine.  She's a refugee of sorts."

Jyslyn blinked.  "Refugee?"

"I will thank everyone interested in discussing politics to step outside the grove.  I need space and quiet to work."  Kazimier held the human down.  "You, I need to stay."

Kaleena returned with a bundle in her arms.  "I hope this is what you need."

Kazimier took the bundle.  "Perfect."  He brought out a poultice and placed it on the old woman's leg.  "Kaleena, can you get everyone out of here?  Jyslyn, Wren, go to the market and find our guest new clothes.  And get Jyslyn something else to wear."

"Kazi, is that a good idea?"

"Go with them, Leena, please?"

The human sat up, bracing herself with her arms.  "Can you find my squire and let him know what's happening.  Poor boy must be in a tizzy with worry.  Give him the clothes, too."

Kazimier pointed to the woman.  "You heard her.  Go."

The room cleared out, leaving Kazimier and the human.  "Never thought they'd leave."

"How is my leg, Sir Elf?"

"My name's Kazimier."  The elf set a poultice down on the wound.



"My name.  Nyssa."  She peered at her leg.  "I'll live, right?"

"You'll live.  I'm more worried about your leg.  The poison is old, but still has some effectiveness."  Kazimier wrapped his hand around his sunbeam amulet.  He offered a prayer to the Lightbringer.  With his free hand, glowing with a soft green light, he pressed down on the poultice.  A yellow ooze seeped out of the wound.  Blood welled up along the wound.  Kazimier tossed the poultice aside.  He cut the leg of Nyssa's trouser off, then packed the wound with a second poultice before wrapping her thigh with a bandage.  The light from his hand faded.  "That should take care of the poison itself.  You'll have to stay off your leg for a few days to let it heal properly."  Kazimier got to his feet.

"Don't you go anywhere, young man.  I need to speak with your Council.  And I am not sleeping here."

Kazimier forced himself to smile.  "I was going to arrange a litter for you."

"I just need a crutch.  I can hobble on one leg.  Not like I have to watch where horses were in your city."  Nyssa swung her legs over so she could sit properly.  "Now help an old woman up."

Next Week:
The first day of the rest of Jyslyn's life.

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