16 Feb 2018

Test Run - Star Trek Adventures (Modiphius)

Last week, I created a Vulcan engineer using Last Unicorn Games' Star Trek Roleplaying Game.  A new Star Trek RPG has been released, Star Trek Adventures from Modiphius.  For comparison, let's recreate the character.

STA uses a life path character creation method like LUG/Trek/ and really, like FASA's original Star Trek: The Roleplaying Game.  There are differences, but I'll try to keep the process the same as much as possible.  The Vulcan engineer will, once again, be the chief engineer of a small scout ship being used to prepare a group of young officers for bigger and better.  STA has seven steps in its character generation, from background to final touches.  Attributes start at 7, Disciplines at 1.  Since this does get long, more after the break.

Step 1
Choose species.  Done, Vulcan.  The future engineer picks up the trait Vulcan; +1 to three Attributes, in this case, Control, Fitness, and Reason; and a talent, taking Nerve Pinch.  I could have taken Mind Meld, but the character is nore technically inclined.

Step 2
Environment, or where the character grew up.  Since the idea is that the character was at teh Vulcan Science Academy during the LUG/Trek/ creation, I'll go with Homeworld.  The engineer gets a Value, a core belief that can help or hinder, and defines it as "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination".  One Attribute is raised, taking Reason.  There is a choice of Disciplines to raise by one, Command, Security, or Science.  Given being at the Science Academy, I'll choose Science.

Step 3
Upbringing, or what was around the character while growing up.  Of the six, Science and Technology fits best, especially with the idea of being at the Vulcan Science Academy still in effect.  The next choice is whether the character rebelled against or accepted the upbringing.  The character is an engineer, so I'll go out on a limb and say accepted.  That gets the character +2 to Control and +1 to Reason.  I can also raise one of Conn, Engineering, Science, or Medicine by 1; I'll choose Engineering.  The character also gets a focus related to what was studied; I'll take Warp Field Dynamics.  Finally, the character gets one more Talent.  Since the character is still on Vulcan, I'll take Mind Meld.

Step 4
Starfleet Academy.  Welcome to Starfleet, time to learn a career.  While following in Spock's footsteps, the character is more interested in Engineering than Science, so goes into the Operations track.  The character picks up a second Value, which should reflect what was learned at the Academy.  I'll take "A Theory for Every Situation."  Attributes may be increased, either +1 to three, or +2 to one  and +1 to another.  I'll raise Reason, Insight, and Fitness each by +1.  Since the character is becoming an engineer, the major is Engineering, which gets +2.  The character has two minors, so I'll raise Command and Science by +1 each.  Three focuses may be chosen, so I'll take Electro-plasma Power Systems, Computers, and Survival.  That just leaves taking a Talent; from the list, the best fitting one is A Little More Power, allowing to get a bit more out of engines.

Step 5
Career.  Now the choice on how experienced the character is.  Since the idea is that the assignment is to prepare young officers for future assignments, I'll take Young Officer.  That gets a Value related to being inexperienced and the Talent Untapped Potential.  The Value I take is "There's a Reason the Book Exists", reflecting that the engineer will go back to basic procedures before trying an out-of-the-box solution.

Step 6
Career Events, or what has happened during the engineer's short career in Starfleet.  The events may have even happened at the Academy.  These are rolled randomly.  The first roll, 9, gets Mentored, which works perfectly for still being in the Academy.  The engineer may raise any one Attribute by 1, taking Insight.  The mentoring also results in Conn going up by 1.  The engineer also gets a focus, taking Etiquette.  The second event rolled is 17, Special Commendation, which makes sense since the assignment is a bit of a fast track to more senior positions.  The engineer gains +1 Fitness, +1 to any Discipline (taking Command), and a focus (Emergency Medicine)

Step 7
Finishing Touches.  Wrapping things up, it's a final sanity check on the character to make sure the process worked.  The Vulcan gets one more Value, taking "Emotion in a Crisis Makes Things Worse."  No Attribute may be above 11 and no Discipline may be above 4, thanks to Untapped Potential.  That's not a problem.  The engineer now gets two more +1s for Attributes, taking Presence and Insight.  Two Disciplines may also be increased by +1; I'll improve Security and Medicine.

Right now, there should be 56 points of Attributes, 16 points of Disciplines, 4 Talents, 6 focuses, and 4 Values.  The math works out, so no adjustments needed here.  Stress gets calculated, being equal to Fitness plus Security, for a total of 12.  The character is in Engineering, which is what I was aiming for, and starts play as an Ensign.  The engineer starts with a communicator, a type I phaser, a tricorder, and engineering tools.  Normally, the character would get named, but the character isn't mine.

The final character sheet:
Rank: Ensign
Assignment: Chief Engineer
Species: Vulcan
Environment: Homeworld
Upbringing: Science and Technology
Academy: Operations (Engineering)
Career: Mentored, Special Commendation
Attributes:  Control: 10
  Fitness: 10
  Presence: 8
  Daring: 7
  Insight: 10
  Reason: 11
Disciplines:  Command: 3
  Conn: 2
  Security: 2
  Engineering: 4
  Science: 3
  Medicine: 2
Talents:Nerve Pinch
Mind Meld
A Little More Power
Untapped Potential
Focuses:Warp Field Dynamics
Electro-plasma Power Systems
Emergency Medicine
Values:Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination
A Theory for Every Situation
There's a Reason the Book Exists
Emotion in a Crisis Makes Things Worse
Type I Phaser
Engineering tools.
Comments are welcome.  As always, feel free to use the character; just let me know if you do and how it goes.

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