8 Feb 2018

Pony Natasha - Thoughts

Project Natasha started as a way to test out character creation in tabletop RPGs.  There are two catches.  The first is that Nasty is low-powered for a superhero.  I don't expect most superhero RPGs to model her well.  There are a few; the Valiant RPG has a power level that worked well with her.  The other catch is that not all RPGs allow for supers.  With those games, I just ignore Nasty's power punch.  The power isn't inherent to her, so games that can't handle superpowers can still be part of Project Natasha.

The typical RPG that gets used in Project Natasha is set in the modern era.  Fantasy removes Nasty too far from being a New Yorker and science fiction has its own additions that could take away from who Nasty is.  Sometimes, though, a game will work despite the setting elements.  Who would have expected Tails of Equestria to let Nasty be Nasty, albeit in pony form?

Sure, Nasty makes for an angry young pony, but very little of her changed.  Instead of Manhattan, Pony Nasty is now from Manehattan.  As a unicorn, she gets her power punch, sort of.  Earth Pony Nasty gets to be a scrapper.  To be honest, I didn't expect Tails of Equestria to accept Nasty as a character.  But, like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic teaches, the game accepts everyone, even a foul-mouthed young filly from Manehattan.  Nasty even managed to keep her appearance even after being made into a pony.
Photo Credits
Pony Nasty created at Doll Divine.
Human Nasty, commissioned work by Ashley Renaud.
The only aspect of Nasty that doesn't carry over well is her foul mouth.  Tails of Equestria is meant for a younger audience, so Nasty will have to clean up her colourful language in the game.  It's the one part of her that doesn't translate over to Equestria.  Not a surprise.  MLP:FIM is a kids show.  Parents would flip if a pony swore even a tenth as much as Nasty does.  Not a big loss.  Nasty can use colourful euphemisms instead.

Tails of Equestria is a well-designed game.  The system is easy to learn but allows for even Nasty as a character.  River Horse and the designers, Alessio Cavatore, Dylan Owen, and Jack Caesar, have a winner here.

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