13 Apr 2017

The Soul Blade Chapter 28 - Commentary

A contrast of evenings, in The Soul Blade Chapter 28.

Brenna's portion of the chapter is a return to the cycle of action-reaction, with Brenna winding down with family.  However, an editing pass removed yet another anti-Amy moment for Brenna.  Try to spot where it was.

I debated about keeping the conversation about the waiter.  Remember, one of the Soul Blade's goals is to have a next generation to be passed to.  My thinking of the time is that the Blade is aware that the best way is if both wielder and potential mate are attracted to each other.  Gay men, who tend to not have a sexual interest in women, would be a poor choice of mate.  The Blade is Brenna's gaydar.

Part of Brenna's development was that she wanted to be a fashion designer as a teen.  She's an artist and loves sketching.  Getting the Blade created disruption in her life, and until the dosage of her meds was adjusted.  Going to college was impossible for Brenna, so she dropped out.  To be fair, most superheroes can have a regular job as well as their dual life.  Just look at Superman and Dazzler.  Both have careers on top of being heroes.  Brenna wants her life back on track.

Tricia has her plans in motion.  An illegal gun sale for an untraceable revolver.  Now that Tricia's gun is revealed, it does need to go off.  The point of the scene was to show her getting the gun.  Tricia never buys off the rack.

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  1. The anti-Amy moment was likely where Brenna was focussed on the menu, rather than deliberately not looking at Amy, or something of that sort. The only thing that sort of makes it stand out is later, when Grace wants to ride with Brenna, because there isn't a really great reason for it -- in fact, when Brenna first arrived, her dad had to tell the sisters to behave. Grace wanting to talk more about Amy makes more sense in retrospect. All that's left is effectively a plot rehash.

    I can see why you might have debated about the waiter. Two points there:
    -If someone doesn't really know their preference, or isn't actively thinking about it (as a waiter might be on a very busy night), I can't think there would anything for the Blade to pick up. Would it really throw away a neutral heir possibility? The only thing I can conclude here is that the waiter had some attraction for Brenna's father, Gary. It was that active interest that turned the Blade off for Brenna. Though it raises a number of other questions, including the generous tip he got. (I can see the waiter now, "Are you sure you wouldn't like some ice cream as well, monsieur?" *waggles eyebrows*)
    -Could Brenna not just dress totally frumpy, thus turning off anyone's sexual interest in her? As it is, it seems like even married people might trip the Blade, assuming the marriage wasn't so happy. Puts Brenna in an awkward position. (Unless she's being hired by marriage counsellors?)

    Tricia's part definitely raises questions. Why is she now no longer happy with knives? And if she's as into planning as it seems, why did she need to get the gun only now, not weeks ago, to prevent last minute problems?

    1. That was it, yes, though the excising of the anti-Amy bits happened in the van. Brenna could be excused for not looking at Amy because of her terminal shyness, I hope.

      My thoughts is that the Blade is mystical, thus could tell even if someone didn't know himself. Now, the waiter being interested in Gary never crossed my mind, but it is possible. :) I never thought of Brenna being frumpy in her dress, just conservative. Married people could trip the Blade, yes, so it's a really awkward power to have. But, the Blade came about when marriage happened at a younger age, so a Bladekeeper could find someone at age 13 and be betrothed. But that opens even more problems. ^_^;;

      Tricia wanted to see the look of shock and betrayal on last victim's face when she pulled the gun. The package delivery was the final step; I never really went into how or when Tricia placed the order for the gun. She may have started the process long before now, knowing she'd need it.